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  1. They really need to ditch Beautiful Day and Elevation from the setlists.Beautiful Day is a good song but it's not worthy of a regular spot on the setlist.Elevation was great opening up the Elevation tour back in 2001 but it hasn't aged well at all for me.It infuriates me that despite U2's extensive back catalogue with fantastic songs these 2 always seem to be a stick on these days to be played. U2 are a fantastic live band but the biggest criticism I have of them is they aren't willing to take risks by changing the setlists up night after night,it all seems so choreographed to me and play
  2. When I had the notification that you quoted my post I was half expecting it to be from a fanboy/girl trying to slate me for slating the album,so thanks for your honesty it's refreshing on here from what I've seen already.I've never noticed the Beautiful Day rehash for GOOYOW but it's defo ringing a bell now that you've mentioned it,and don't get me started on Beautiful Day,it's a good song but also overrated for me too.
  3. If I knew for certain it was those months then I'd already know the answer but there's a window of opportunity in July between U.S and Europe leg
  4. I think this album is definitely one on their poorest.The best song on the album for me is Landlady that's an absolute belter of a song.The only others that I think are very good are TLTTGYA,Blackout,Lights of Home and LIBTAIIW. YTBTAM for me is quite possibly U2's worst song.I think the music is passable and catchy but the lyrics are absolutely woeful,that will defo be a toilet/bar break moment for me on the tour.GOOYOW is excellent minus the actual title of the song in the chorus,That's what spoils it a bit for me I just don't think it works all that well.American Soul is just pure crin
  5. Yeah I know but when it says special shows marked for Dublin and Belfast it got me thinking it may be different and could happen in the middle of the U.S and Europe leg.Elevation tour was indoors except Ireland,Berlin and Turin that were outdoors.
  6. It's a big disappointment alright.I can't even do Manchester that date but will see when the Belfast date is and grudgingly go for that.I can't see a Scottish date being added unfortunately.If it was stadium shows I actually wouldn't even bother going to Belfast or Manchester if I could but U2 indoors is the best experience in my opinion.
  7. Hugely dissapointing...They could've slotted Scotland in somewhere regardless of Kevin Bridges dates.
  8. I'm hoping Belfast is going to be indoors...it's the special shows part that's throwing me off a little bit with regards to it being otherwise.Gutted there's no Scottish date yet again but Belfast indoors appeals to me.
  9. I was wondering about that too....says on my profile I have until next Sunday to verify my account via Tickermaster North America but I'm in Europe and only want to use my presale code for Europe
  10. Hopefully Glasgow but I'd do Manchester or London if need be.
  11. Anyone heard anything about the format for the euro shows next year....i'll be very very dissapointed if Europe doesn't get indoor shows.
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