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  1. That awesome bass looks like its on fire in every sense! 🔥
  2. I think I’m still seeing Primus in June. At least The Wedding Band concert didn’t get cancelled last week, or I would have missed the great and historic Wah-Off contest between Kirk “The Ripper” Hammett and Mrs. Smith the Crazy Manhattan Cat Lady. 😀😙🤘 (I still can’t believe Kirk lost 😮😉)
  3. Are you worried about the coronavirus stopping the concerts?
  4. I never heard a single Primus song until yesterday morning, but in June, I will hear them perform Rush’s entire A Farewell to Kings album in Raleigh, NC.
  5. I’m going to see Cygnus X-2, a local Rush cover band who are planning a big tribute to Neil Peart, but first I’m gonna see the Wedding Band, a supergroup that features the singer from Ugly Kid Joe and Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo from Metallica, and they promise to play “all the songs that you hate hearing at your friends wedding.” 😀
  6. I’m going to see the local Rush cover band Cygnus X-2 in March. They’re performing a special tribute to Neil Peart and the ticket sales will benefit cancer charities.
  7. A knob? What’s a knob (besides what you use to open a door with)?
  8. This is such an awesome gift. I renewed my subscription in November. I think I qualify but I just want to make sure.
  9. 10 years ago, I hated Rush. I thought the lyrics to “Fly By Night” were cheesy, I thought Geddy was a girl and was not 1 iota more fond of him when I found out he was a guy (I called him “Geddy Spaghetti”), and I couldn’t stand their 8-minute songs. But I had to a lot of Rush songs often because my dad liked them and my brother loved them. I started to change my mind about Rush when I heard the song “Roll the Bones.” It was so catchy that I couldn’t resist it despite still disliking Geddy’s voice. Over time, I found more songs that I liked, and I eventually e
  10. That’s a lot. I have seen more concerts this year than my whole life up to this point. In chronological order, I saw: Blue October Flotsam And Jetsam Florence & The Machine Weird Al Yankovic Metallica The Head And The Heart Cygnus X-2 (a Rush cover band) I need to see someone else now.
  11. Not sure what my next concert will be, unless watching the film version of Metallica’s S&M 2 concert with the San Francisco Orchestra on Wednesday counts as a concert.
  12. You’re really mixing your metaphors there, Doc. 😀
  13. Yes I do, but the vinyl is still stuck on the shelf because the mp3s and lack of a record player make it double redundant . I could play CDs and mp3s.
  14. @Max Tsukino, @mich40, @bigwave, I sent an email to customer service, and I got a positive reply in just a few hours: We're sorry the 2019 gift subscription was not available. We understand you wish to switch the gift included with your membership. We're happy to help! We're going to see if the gift can be changed to the INNOCENCE + EXPERIENCE LIVE, 2015 & 2018, and we'll be in touch with you soon, but please note it may be 5-7 business days for a response. (Thanks for your help too, and your patience. It looks like things will be fixed up for me. This was not
  15. I can assure you that it's no Pandora's Box, or at least that there is Hope in it, because I have opened my 3D dance mixes and have yet to hear any Desire remixes that leave much to be desired. You really might like the poster.
  16. Some of us don’t have or can’t afford record players. I loved the pictures and poster that were part of this year’s gift, but the poor neglected vinyl has to sit on a bookshelf because I can’t play it. I have multiple means for playing CDs.
  17. Dear @mich40 @Max Tsukino @bigwave This sounds like a really cool gift, and I would prefer it to the JT vinyl I had to choose when I renewed my membership 2 weeks ago. I wish there had been at least an option for choosing a "2019 subscriber gift TBD" much sooner. That there was not one or an earlier announcement of this new gift is not your fault, and is perhaps no one's fault, maybe it could not have been prepared or announced any faster, but I am not the only subscriber caught in a less than ideal situation. The additional gift of an extra and early subscription renewal is v
  18. If I ever meet "Chrono," as he sometimes calls himself, I'll ask him if he got the "when the banks became cathedrals" line in the Coldplay song "Violet Hill" from "Lemon" or from "The Playboy Mansion."
  19. I highly recommend that everyone look up the parody song "Cavity Search," by Weird Al.
  20. Maybe Bono proves that you're never too old to acquire new skills.
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