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  1. Total fail from start to finish!! I have been a subscriber for a few years now and was in the Experience group for the Joshua Tree Tour. I renewed as requested to get early access for this tour. First, it removed me from the Experience group and placed me in the Innocence group. Multiple emails later and they still haven't replied or changed it back. Second, they took away my unused discount code from the 2017 subscription. I emailed them and they said it was there at the bottom of the page. I emailed back to say, "No, that is the code for the new subscription!". Guess what....still waiting for a reply. Third, went online to get tickets for MSG. The usual thing. Waited online forever only to be told the tickets I requested were no longer available. Tried again.....Only tickets available are $331 each for the 300 section!! So much for the Verified Fan thing. Looks like the brokers and scalpers have somehow managed to win again. But then again, it's TicketMaster. I should have expected nothing less. Finally, why do Citibank Card holders get to buy up to 4 tickets tomorrow and long time fans only get to buy 2? I'm gonna hazard a guess that they will be one of the tour sponsors. Nothing dodgy going on there then!! Sorry, but in my opinion, this whole having to renew despite already having a valid subscription and the Verified Fan system has been nothing but a huge money grubbing operation. I would have renewed regardless of a new tour or not when my 2017 subscription was due to expire. I am now left hoping that they at some point reverse my status to Experience and that the band announce additional dates in either NY or NJ. NOT HAPPY!!!!
  2. Hi, US presales usually start at 10am EST which would be 3pm GMT. Just be sure to check though as this may change now they are using 'TM Verified Fan' . Having done this for other bands they sometimes start later. The Vegas presale may also be affected by the fact that it is in another timezone. If the time they tell you states 'EST' then add 5 hours for the UK or if it states 'PT' then add 8 hours. As long as you don't actually purchase tickets for Vegas your code should be good for Europe still. Last time you were able to purchase up to 4 tickets maximum for any combination of shows and venues, but you may want to contact TM in advance to clarify that the same rule will apply to this tour. Hope this is of some help to you and good luck getting those tickets!!
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