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  1. Everybody just wants to get paid. Livenation signed U2 to a long, lucrative contract, and wants to milk it out for all that they can.
  2. Ticketmaster probably took them all down so they can pretend it's a sellout and add a show. That's their scheme.
  3. Umm... Telling your biggest fans they aren't qualified to purchase tickets isn't exactly what I'd call working.
  4. The biggest scalper in all this is U2 and their promoter. $325 for upper level seats? lmao.. Renew your fan club early for $40 for 2 tickets, and then be told sorry, you didn't win the lottery. I don't know how some of you can be so delusional. Wake up. The "we're fighting scalpers for you" thing is a joke of a stance when you look at how much the band, themselves, are charging for tickets almost anywhere half decent with an unobstructed view. Hell, over $100 for obstructed seats behind the stage is ridiculous. The whole verified thing is a ploy by Ticketmaster to promote their new comp
  5. $325+ for almost all unobstructed lower level seats and the nicer upper level seats... Who is scalping who again? All the verified crap to "stop scalping" was just a misdirection to make you forget about their absurd pricing.
  6. Trust me, that wouldn't lower ticket prices at all.. It would just mean more profit for everyone involved because of lower production costs. They'd probably tout it as some special, one-time only intimate performance, and raise prices even more. Production costs are always a lame excuse to raise ticket prices.
  7. LMAO.. All the verified bullcrap blew up in their faces. The fan club was a disaster with so many of us getting screwed over and left without a code.. And now they have to ditch the verified only strategy and open it up for everyone, because of poor sales overall. Did Livenation and Guy really think they were going to shift all those outrageously overpriced seats by doing an invite only sale? Trying to dupe everyone into thinking it was a privilege to be "chosen" for the opportunity to purchase overpriced, garbage seats, creating a false sense of urgency.... U2 fans aren't stupid. Maybe
  8. pretty much everything is of terrible value except the GA floors. Disgusting.
  9. Oseary just wanted to see how many desperate or inexperienced ticket buying U2 fans he could sucker in to paying those absurd prices. He'll give Ticketmaster the go ahead to slash prices, otherwise they'll never sell. Slimeball.
  10. Did you guys have problems getting tickets as experience, red hill, legacy, etc (1st presale window) subscribers in the past? I never once had a problem getting good seats or GAs for the show I want, being in the first group. Of course, up until this presale, when I received my bullshit retraction email, and then received my Experience code after all the Innocence presales had begun. I also believe it was probably easier for you guys getting tickets this year with so many Experience members being wrongly denied their presale access (less competition).
  11. they need to stop preaching the "music and concerts are bigger than money" bullshit. it doesn't work when you siphon the fans for every last penny you can get from them... because guess what, it is all about the $$$$.
  12. Trust me... They have an ulterior motive, and it's money. It's a business, so that's not surprising. Like I said, even if you already have an account, many people will click the check boxes opting in to their spam email/texting. I know one band I signed up for required you to agree to receive texts related to marketing. And it allows them to gauge demand for pricing, adding shows, etc.
  13. you guys are talking as if verified fan was actually designed to prevent scalping.. it's not.. that's a ruse. it was created as a way for ticketmaster to gather valuable potential customer contact information. think about it.. even if you don't end up purchasing a ticket on their site, they just got you to either sign up for a brand new ticketmaster account, or use your old account to sign up for future advertising emails/texts. win-win for them. it also allows them to see how much demand potential there is for an upcoming tour, and raise prices if they feel necessary. i'm sure m
  14. they haven't announced that information yet, or even added shows at all, for that matter... they better still carryover if they haven't been used. i, as well as many fans, didn't receive their experience codes until after the innocence presales had all begun.. and by that time, there was nothing but overpriced crap left. i saved my code for hopefully an added date.
  15. the damn codes better be good for future shows! some of us didn't receive our experience codes until AFTER the innocence presales had all started, and nothing but overpriced garbage left. i wouldn't put a lot of stock in what the customer service reps say anyways. it seems the ticketmaster and u2.com reps were never on the same page with how this whole fan presale process worked. always different answers from different reps.
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