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  1. Yep.. Will get a good nights sleep and go from there in the AM .
  2. I just got my e mail for innocence group.. I was under the impression that all e mails for both groups were to be received last night. Thanks -Tom
  3. Additional Question for those that were on line today to get tickets.. Did you pick best available.. or could you pick a price range etc... Would prefer not to be on the floor .. but I won't complain if that happens... just hope for a seat at the curve of the venue. Thanks
  4. Just received my innocence group e mail.. East Coast 4:50PM. Now we wait for the Code.. Hopefully
  5. Agree.. this is crazy.. I am not sure even how to be moved forward as I feel that I register for the CITI bank sale and general public sale that TM will deem me as a scalper and blacklist me. Crazy
  6. I am not seeing anything there about no e mail at all. I see verification threads, retraction threads etc.. but no discussion on no e mail at all. All was in good shape last week with set up complete and e mail status verified. The next question is do I just just move on and "register" for the Citi Bank sale on Thursday and / or the general public sale on Monday. However, not sure if will set off alarms that I may be a scalper trying to get my hands on as many tickets as possible. Any thoughts mods? Thanks
  7. No e mail.. nothing in junk folder. Status has been complete and e mail verified... not too concerned about the e mail, just the sms text for later .. unless you have to take some type of action in the e mail via a link of some sort. Can anyone confirm if that is the case?
  8. 8:40 on east coast USA .. no e mails yet
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