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  1. The rub is that the exchange has to be for a ticket of equal or higher value, so that would not apply in your case http://www.ticketmaster.com/h/returns.html?tm_link=tm_i_rp
  2. Not sure if this helps anyone, but just in case... There are a bunch of upper level, side view seats for the Nassau Coliseum show (6/9) that are now in the $175 range. I believe these used to be those ~$290 VIP/Silver fan seats and/or at the $329 price point. They certainly weren't $175. I can't speak to other venues, but this may be happening elsewhere. Ticketmaster allows for a one-time ticket exchange for tickets of equal or higher value. You do have to pay $5 per seat extra.
  3. Hey there strong island! I've been reading about an overhang that blocks a lot of the view from the back rows of the 200s. People talking about putting their has between their knees to see anything. Can anyone tell me what rows are affected? I'm thinking about row 8 along the side. Thanks
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