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  1. Also I received the tickets in my email and was able to print them, so they are in my hand. Sometimes I look at them and still can't believe I have them!
  2. I too was fortunate enough to get tickets at Nassau Coliseum for a good price. They are not GA because I prefer to have seats. I feel lucky and I'm so sorry for all the other people that got stuck without tickets.
  3. I got the same exact email from stub hub about selling U2 tickets. I got it yesterday, after I got my tickets. Today I got an email from stub hub telling me to buy U2 tickets.
  4. It should just be you are a member so you get a code. Done.
  5. I have never missed a tour since 85 but if this nonsense continues and those crazy prices I may be done. I did manage to get decent prices on a good angle, on top but still good price. I can't believe they are charging 300 for some upper level seats!
  6. Good point! I can't handle the stress; it seriously took away 3 days of my life...lol
  7. But we should have been told, even if it doesn't work; a heads up would have been nice.
  8. Exactly, that's why I called it bullshit. They are relying on a computer generated formula which sucks and clearly doesn't work.
  9. This is how verified Fan works: " You give your basic information, your name, email address, mobile phone number to Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster applies a bunch of algorithms to that limited data set and it can determine if you're likely to go to the show, or if you're likely going to sell your ticket. Verified Fan is not intended to prevent or eliminate resell. What it's intended to do is made the first distribution of tickets fairer." That "bunch of algorithms" is far from perfect- it factors in details such as the number of concert tickets a buyer has purchased from ticketmaster in
  10. I'm getting emails from stub hub to go to their site and buy U2 tickets. Someone told me ticketmaster sells their tickets to stub hub. Don't know if that's true, but lots of tickets on stub hub for crazy prices. Scalping used to be a guy coming to you on line asking if you needed tickets, now it's legal.
  11. I got tickets at Nassau Collesium for 112 in section 219. But only because I went to ticketmaster on my phone; the desktop wasn't offering me cheaper and it wasn't working properly.
  12. Thank you Sherry for all your information and time. I am glad to hear that you are in contact with the band's "People." I was fortunate enough to get tickets, but I feel bad for those who didn't get tickets. It's one thing to know the facts and be prepared that you might not get tickets, but it's a whole other thing to have a system fall apart and not work properly, which is causing lots of anger, sadness, and frustration. Things need to be conducted fairly; that's all we want. The way it's going is a mess and not fair to anyone. And the prices are a whole other story. Thanks again and ho
  13. The same thing happened to me with the code and only getting high prices and VIP, but when I went to my phone and the ticketmaster site, it gave me price options and my code worked and I got tickets. Good luck!!
  14. At first I tried on my desktop and it said I had to sign in for ticketmaster, but it wouldn't accept my log in, so I did it on the website, not app, on my phone and I got tickets in 5 minutes!! Thank you everyone and I hope many of you got tickets and if you didn't I hope you do. I don't understand what happened, but it truly was unacceptable to everyone, including the moderators. Thank you to each of you and I hope you enjoy a nice drink when this is all over. Now I can go back to living my life. Thank you so much!!!
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