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  1. Bono was determined NOT to let politics get mixed up with their ZOO TV tour back in the nineties. Ofcourse it did happen, in a very good way. U2' s manager already confirmed that he liked the idea of a remake of the ZOO TV tour, as they have done with the 2017 Joshua Tree tour as well. Adam is into the idea as well. U2 played lots of Achtung Baby songs during their European leg of their most recent tour. MacPhisto returned with a vengeance, scary to watch, but his messages are so needed in these troubling times. I have heard a lot of rumors about Bono wanting to give ZOO TV a new life, b
  2. I agree that at heart U2 is still burning for love and that their latest record is proof of that. Yet, they aint performing in front of millions anymore, like at Live Aid. Somehow or other I always FEEL that U2 is at their best in front of larger audiences. I LOVED the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour for that very same reason. U2 can play the largest crowds and still be intimate. I even feel U2 songs are sometimes just TOO big for a small arena, like they have played during their recent small indoor tour. I totally LOVE their intimate performances, but their message of love isnt getting noticed as
  3. Watching Live Aid, seeing Bono sing in desperation to reach millions of people, he jumps down the stage and hugs one girl drawn from the crowd. This Live Aid performance, more than any other performance by U2, captures for me the true spirit of unconditional love. U2 needs to burn for love again, needs to get in front of millions of people again to sing their message of love. Love is not hip, but love is the way forward in this world of today. Maybe I am a fool for cherishing these naive wishes, but I sincerely hope U2 will want to burn for love again.
  4. Listening to the San Jose concert I really liked "American Soul". I already liked it before on the cd, but this is one of those songs that seems to gain a lot of strength when it's played live. Americans do seem to like it too, because it seems to be played often during football games, so I have heard. I think it is a worthy replacement of "Bullet the Blue Sky". When looking at the San Jose youtube video I could even see the U2 crew behind the computer screens swinging to "American Soul" as well. I think the use of the big American flag is a powerful symbol, more powerful than the video image
  5. Manohlive I have heard an amazing live version of Bad during the "Love comes to Town" tour in january 1990 in Holland. That concert became the final concert of that tour (rescheduled due to voice problems, yes again) and Bono blasted his lungs out singing "Bad". That was one of the most powerful versions I had ever heard of that song live. Too bad I only have a bootleg recording on tape/cassette otherwise I could have posted it. Anybody remember tape casettes lol? Your 2 picks would be the Fire / Tree period Manohlive. Would be my best period too. Oh how I long back to those days!
  6. Bono's voice has had it's ups and downs. Below you will find 2 quotes from manager Paul McGuinness and Adam Clayton on Bono's regular voice problems. But I am curious to hear from all the U2 fans which album you think features Bono's voice the best, regardless if you like that album. Just listening to Bono's voice. On which album does Bono sing the prettiest according to your personal taste? I love Bono's voice the best on "The Unforgettable Fire". I have seen the short documentary that was made at the castle where "The Unforgettable Fire" had been recorded and we can hear Bono impro
  7. I got worried. But when I saw the youtube clip I wasnt worried anymore, because he hadnt totally lost his voice AND his voice was fine before the show. Therefore I have high hopes that he will recover soon. My thoughts go back to the start of the Joshua Tree Tour and the end of the Love Comes to Town tour, back in the eighties. In those younger days he lost his voice regularly. Maybe it was a combination of the smoke machine and a bad air conditioning system in the hall, as Bono said on stage while battling his lost voice. I think with a week' s rest at most he will be back. The shows in Berli
  8. My concert got cancelled once during the "Love comes to Town" tour. That was in 1989. Bono had voice problems back then too. But he recovered quickly. Bono had serious voice problems at the start of the Joshua Tree Tour in 1987 as well. The man has been having voice problems very regularly unfortunately. Maybe it is just one night that will be cancelled. But if more shows get cancelled U2 will have to refund the money or prolong their tour into 2019 when they have to come back for the cancelled shows. When U2 cancelled it's shows in Holland in 1989 I wasnt bothered, because they came back in t
  9. Wow. Your posts really made me happy! Goosebumps all over. Thanks for posting everybody! What a thrill. Most of these songs I had never heard before. Feels like a new U2 release for me. There are more gems out there which I havent heard of yet. I originally started this thread by asking for rare U2 studio recordings, but let's make this thread about all NOT official U2 songs (studio and live recordings) that are floating out there, scattered over so many different performances with different artists. I am interested in ANY contribution of any of U2's band members including Larry and Ada
  10. I would love to discover new U2 songs I hadnt heard of before. Songs that U2 or members of U2 took part in over the last decades, but which are NOT official U2 songs. U2 collaborated with numerous other artists on tribute albums over the last decades. U2 or individual U2 members also took part in several benefit projects. All these songs are out there, shattered across many different record labels, other artists works, movie soundtracks and several benefit projects. .. If there is one thing that truly makes me happy then it is the joy of discovering an old rare U2 studio or live recordin
  11. I keep loving all the old U2 songs BUT ONLY if they perform them in a new way. Hence I do love Sunday Bloody Sunday the way they perform it now. But Pride still sounds the same as back in the eighties. BUT if U2 can perform old songs with lots of energy and soul then I will still even like to hear Pride again. I heard Pride being played in Italy and Mexico at the Joshua Tree tour and the U2 fans went beserk with energetic crowd singing. I love that. I LOVE THAT. Therefore my bottomline for which songs to play is: ANY U2 song that is new or newly interpreted OR played with that much energy
  12. Varunjay, could you please be so kind to provide a link to that interview? That suggestion by the manager would be my biggest wish! A celebration tour of Achtung Baby! Man oh man, that would be the ultimate thrill. I so dearly enjoyed the recent Joshua Tree tour, that I really would be thrilled to see the return of Achtung Baby. Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby are my personal U2 favorites. I have already mentioned this in the ZOO TV thread on this forum, that these violent political days are perfect for a full blown big stadium ZOO TV tour. U2 was so good at that tour. Just gives me
  13. The acoustic part of the ZOO TV tour on the mini stage was one of the best parts of ALL U2 live performances. Spontaneous, great crowd singing, and wonderful alternate acoustic versions. I liked it that during this recent 2018 tour they ended with a delicate song 13 (There is a Light), similar to the use of "Love is Blindness" as a finale during the ZOO TV tour. However I felt that the Achtung Baby songs during this 2018 tour fell flat without the big ZOO TV stage surroundings. I love the idea though of a return of the full ZOO TV tour like many others suggested at this forum, just like they d
  14. SOA seems streching it, for me too Manohlive. Edge recently said that they will they take a break after this tour. U2 will NOT play live in other parts of the world in 2019. That is just a fan's dream. New record in 2019, forget about it... Thinking about the future of u2, what was really unnerving to me, was seeing Bono walk on stage during this recent tour. I hadnt noticed it during the Joshua Tree tour. Has something happened since then? He really moves very carefully and restrained. I usually never read about private things of the individual band members, but for the first time I am
  15. Really had hoped U2 had went for more acoustic versions of the new songs when they played live. For the first time I prefer the CD version of some new songs above the live performances. The best songs that I liked during this recent tour were the (semi) acoustic songs, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Staring at the Sun etc. I really loved it too that they played "The Ocean" live. And that they ended with a delicate song 13 (There is a Light), similar to the use of "Love is Blindness" as a finale during the ZOO TV tour. However I felt that the Achtung Baby songs during this tour fell flat without th
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