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  1. It was the outro song towards the end of the tour and was listed as a snippet when Bono ended the last couple of shows with the "Ooooh" part of The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone). I haven't been able to find a clip of the outro song itself (apparently it's an official remix), but you can see Bono snippet it here: 4 minutes 20 seconds in. I know when I went to Dublin 4 2018, they started to play the remix version over the PA when Bono was doing the snippet so it felt like a new song was starting. Man they really should have ended Dublin 4 or the last Berlin gig with a perf
  2. This is different to previous gifts though. The Berlin film was originally planned for a commercial release on multiple physical formats and digital downloads. This would have meant everyone would have got what they wanted. Instead they only release it on a 480p DVD in a cheap sleeve and give you only a year access to the on demand stream. I'm just trying to understand how they came to the decision to do this. Could you imagine being the director of the film, or even working on the camera crew. You're filming a production with state of the art cameras and all of a sudden your client deci
  3. I am genuinely interested to hear their reasoning behind how they released this film. Was it always going to be the subscribers gift? (doubtful) Were LiveNation/Universal not confident this would do well commercially? Were they stuck for the Subscribers gift idea and were like "Ah we'll just give them Berlin" Were they unable to strike up a deal with Netflix/Apple TV to have this on streaming services in 4K? It always amazes how those in charge always manage to mess up things like this.
  4. It's working for me now and it does seem like its on demand
  5. Thanks! On demand would be perfect as well rather than a continuous loop !
  6. Is it not working for anyone else?
  7. Someones letting fireworks off around the corner. Were they watching the stream lol?
  8. "Thanks for giving us a good life"
  9. The Tattoo one.. Edge said to get a wash bag lol
  10. I really hope it is.. they answered my question!
  11. Its on demand for 48 hours so hope that includes the q&a part
  12. Please tell me this is being recorded
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