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  1. Another lazy release. Wouldn't expect anything else from an official U2 release tbh.
  2. I actually have no hope in receiving this gift because you know, it's u2.com, but it still baffles me they gave us a 480p DVD for a show that was filmed in 4k. 🙄
  3. Great show, probably their best concert film. It is a bit strange that they streamed ZOO TV in 1080p and then streamed Slane in 360p which is worse quality than the DVD haha
  4. What DVDs have been watched so far? Would be awesome if u2.com streamed the other releases in 1080p like they did for ZOO TV.
  5. Instead of hijacking this thread I've made a new one here: Feel free to continue all discussions around U2.com there
  6. Hmm you may be right. I was always told it was video taped and not filmed. However I still doubt u2.com would go through the effort of remastering it and then offering it for "free"
  7. I'm not 100% sure but I think they could be upscaled. However I doubt it would be an easy or cheap process so don't think that will happen.
  8. The EI gig being streamed in 1080p would only have been a nice touch if it was available on demand forever. Having it only available on demand for a year is poor. After a year we'll be stuck with a 480p copy of a show that was filmed in 4k lol. Zoo TV won't be in HD or 4K because it was filmed on VHS. You physically cannot upscale that.
  9. Exactly Dean. They literally film whole songs but choose to give us 30 second clips. In recent years this site has had 100k plus paying subscribers. That's £4 million give or take. It's not like there's no income coming in to justify more/better content.
  10. Can the mods here contact U2 managements team, or can they pass something to someone who can? I was wondering if we should all write/sign a letter stating that we feel U2. Com could be(and should be) doing more for subscribers. Obviously in the current climate bands fan clubs don't really matter. However it would be great if by the end of the year they had something in place for 2021 where we receive more content. I think last year there were only 3 subscriber specials? now I know that was a touring year for the band but it's not like the band are the ones who actually produce the content themselves. It's just an idea. There's no point in complaining on forums and Facebook because it will get lost. But if we could actually build something collectively, maybe they will take notice.
  11. Why couldn't they have just done a normal 4k digital release of the concert instead of this farce?
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