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  1. This isn't a U2 song. This isn't for U2's audience.
  2. It's a bit strange they released the first downloads without announcing it. Disappointingly some snippets are missing and they've decided to drip feed us again. I'll wait until the whole show is available until I listen to it (again).
  3. I would also like them to release the whole show at once. There's no need to drip feed us.
  4. I've never seen the film as I was far to young when it came out. I would love a chance to see it (or even it own it) in 3D, but would happily take a 2D release as well. I guess it depends on whoever on the rights to the film though.
  5. I agree. Make sure to leave a comment here!
  6. I would also love for them to release the American EI show to @Manohlive. It was canned because the band thought it was too similar to the Paris release from 2015. Even with the same innocence section that they repeated, the early EI shows were still considerably different compared to iE. It would make a great subscribers special (not annual gift!) if they released it digitally to U2.com subscribers. If they don't want to release the full show there's no reason not to release pro shot footage of American Soul and Love is All we have left from that concert.
  7. You're definitely right that the popularity of DVDs and BDs has decreased. Especially with BD. When Coldplay released their live film in 2018 they only released it on DVD and released the HD digital version on iTunes. There is still definitely a market for physical media such as DVDs and BD's, and I think if they had released Berlin on BD / 4K it would have been profitable, it's just not as big as it once was. I love the idea of having an ultimate "iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE" boxset. This is what I would include in it. I have to tried to keep it somewhat realistic and this product
  8. When they announced that EI would be the subscribers gift I was still fully expecting it to get a commercial release to. I thought they would keep the DVD + Booklet as the subscribers gift, and then release a BD without the booklet to the general public. That way it wouldn't be the same as the "exclusive" gift for subscribers.
  9. I'm struggling to find an instance where the use of modern technology doesn't equal better technology. The reason why technology has advanced is because their most recent iterations is better than their previous counterparts. 4K BD > BD > DVD > VHS. I do agree though that unfortunately many people don't care about the quality of things. The Facebook posts in the fans groups show this. Many people watch their DVDs in their Kitchen or their bedrooms with built in DVD players on their old TVs. They wouldn't be able to do this with Blu Ray. I wonder if U2's target audience being the older
  10. Double CD of the full show with RFD included. Well done guys. Just next time pick a show that hasn't been broadcasted regularly for years already
  11. Yep. I have made my views on EI Berlin being shot in 4K but only released on DVD very clear. The fact they aren't going to commercially sell a physical copy in 4K or offer a 4K digital download to purchase is farcical. Believe it or not, many of us live in the modern day and use modern day technology . But also, wouldn't we provide the photo they use for our statues?
  12. Paris was filmed with 4K cameras but released on Blu Ray/DVD. Berlin was filmed in 4K but released on DVD. At this rate Heartland will be released on VHS. 😀
  13. Can anyone tell if there's a noticeable difference between the Blu Ray disc and 4K version of Cedarwood Road? I was also at London 6. That was my first ever U2 show.
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