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  1. When they announced that EI would be the subscribers gift I was still fully expecting it to get a commercial release to. I thought they would keep the DVD + Booklet as the subscribers gift, and then release a BD without the booklet to the general public. That way it wouldn't be the same as the "exclusive" gift for subscribers.
  2. I'm struggling to find an instance where the use of modern technology doesn't equal better technology. The reason why technology has advanced is because their most recent iterations is better than their previous counterparts. 4K BD > BD > DVD > VHS. I do agree though that unfortunately many people don't care about the quality of things. The Facebook posts in the fans groups show this. Many people watch their DVDs in their Kitchen or their bedrooms with built in DVD players on their old TVs. They wouldn't be able to do this with Blu Ray. I wonder if U2's target audience being the older
  3. Double CD of the full show with RFD included. Well done guys. Just next time pick a show that hasn't been broadcasted regularly for years already
  4. Yep. I have made my views on EI Berlin being shot in 4K but only released on DVD very clear. The fact they aren't going to commercially sell a physical copy in 4K or offer a 4K digital download to purchase is farcical. Believe it or not, many of us live in the modern day and use modern day technology . But also, wouldn't we provide the photo they use for our statues?
  5. Paris was filmed with 4K cameras but released on Blu Ray/DVD. Berlin was filmed in 4K but released on DVD. At this rate Heartland will be released on VHS. 😀
  6. Can anyone tell if there's a noticeable difference between the Blu Ray disc and 4K version of Cedarwood Road? I was also at London 6. That was my first ever U2 show.
  7. I don't want to be negative again but haven't those live performances already been officially released?
  8. Another idea is to release the visuals used on the tours as subscriber specials. For example, release the footage that was shown on the big screen during the JT Anniversary tours, such as the Streets and OTH footage.
  9. To finish off this whole Virtual Road thing we should have a watch party for EI Berlin. It was around this time last year when it first came out.
  10. I really enjoyed last night. It was great being able to share something with the community again. The fan forums and twitter were loving it, even the U2 page retweeted my tweet. The audio sounded great, although I don't think the visuals were enhanced which is a tad disappointing. The YouTube video has nearly 250k views which shows there's obviously a market for things like this..
  11. As apart of the Virtual Road series, a Slane Castle EP has been released to digital store fronts (Spotify etc). This EP includes 4 tracks - Beautiful Day, Stuck in a moment, All I want Is You and Where The Streets Have No Name.
  12. Is there an official hashtag?
  13. The streaming times are a bit annoying but they need to be fair to everyone.
  14. All 4 shows will be in 1080p with remastered audio. I've never seen Popmart, and last week I bought the DVD second hand but hadn't watched it. Now I might as well wait for the stream!
  15. Each show will be up for 48 hours apparently.
  16. This looks cool. Well done to all involved.
  17. Man, looking at Springsteens and Metallica's website makes me depressed. They literally offer recordings for every show and they're available to purchase in multiple digital formats or as a physical CD. Springsteen offers a discount if you purchase a whole leg, and Metallica will give you the recording free if you were at that show. I really wished U2 did the same. For one of the greatest live bands ever they really do release a minimal amount of live music. Come on LiveNation, there's money to be made here!
  18. I would like to see more content and value within the subscriber specials. They could release a live show every quarter for subscribers only, available to download as MP3s and to stream, but not physically as this would be too big of a cost and would have to be saved for the yearly gift. If the U2.com model looked like this I wouldn't complain at all: Yearly gift - available digitally and physically. Q1 Subscriber Special - Live Recording January - U2.com release a list of shows fans can vote for February - End of February voting closes March - U2.com release the live recordi
  19. Please discuss all ideas for future subscriber gifts and subscriber specials here.
  20. Hi all, after speaking to fellow fans, we thought it would be a good idea to have a dedicated thread in one place to list all of our ideas for future subscriber gifts and subscriber specials. In the past the mod team have asked us what the fans would like to see, so having all our ideas in one place would be a good idea. The purpose of this thread is to provide constructive and realistic ideas and suggestions. I'll go first. Subscribers Special - Pro Shot footage of a live song performance - once per month Using The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 as an example we can see that U2's social med
  21. Thanks for your words @Manohlive and there is no need to apologise. I did not feel singled out by your comment, I know you were speaking more generally and I simply replied to it. I hope you know that every time I reply to you its not with anger or sarcasm, it's me just having a normal conversation with a fellow fan. I do understand your point about how people (such as me) posting in this gift thread when it's not actually news about the gift can be frustrating, and a future gifts thread idea sounds great. I kinda made something similar before here. Maybe the two ideas could merge? I'd a
  22. What if the "it should be this or that" comments relate to the 2021 subscribers gift?
  23. They should make previous years gifts available for standalone purchase. I'm sure there's a warehouse somewhere with old stock laying about and I would love to purchase the older gifts that I missed out on - such as U22 and From The Ground Up.
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