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  1. Got a new email Address for pickup Available only on the mentioned address,date and time. Sat, 14 Dec - Sun, 15 Dec 201911:00 AM - 08:00 PM
  2. Cheers Mods for looking into this. Me and a few others I know are also suffering from this problem.
  3. U2.com have literally confirmed that they're playing Singapore. If there were any doubts, they wouldn't have announced it. The date is being announced this week. Just wait.
  4. There has been new info, or at least info to re confirm that Singapore is happening. In an email sent this morning "Here are the dates, cities and countries (date and venue information for Singapore coming soon)." Don't panic. The same thing happened with Dublin and Belfast in 2018.
  5. Only 236 seats left for Melbourne. Even block L234 which is the only block with 2+ seats left, and charging $366 dollars has started to sell. I'm fairly confident we'll get a second night now. They're probably waiting to see if they can flog anymore $366 seats before announcing the 2nd show, where cheaper tickets are on sale. I would expect Melbourne 2, Seoul 2 and Singapore to be announced at the same time.
  6. I've never had to pay a custom charge for something from U2.com. However I did spend $150 on the Eminem online store and they still charged me £27 quid custom charge at the post office.
  7. Got the shipping notification email last night and arrived this morning (Thursday). Got the Ultra clear version. Looking forward to listening to it.
  8. Interesting. They sent me an email saying they have changed my gift to the 2019 gift. Then a couple hours later Live Nation send me an email saying my 2018 gift has now been shipped.. Will I get 2 gifts on the one subscription? Guess I'll just have to see what happens now..
  9. Emailed them once and they said no. Emailed them again and I got this response. Success!
  10. From customer services "We'll be more than happy to look into your request. We have reviewed your order and since the new gift was just released on November 20. We cannot exchange the dance mixes for the new gift. You would have to renew your membership to receive the new gift. You will be able to renew the month your subscription expires." That's a bummer. Now going to end up with 2 3D Dance mixes.
  11. I emailed them earlier. Can't phone them as I'm abroad for a week. Will let you know what they say.
  12. I literally just resubscribed a couple days ago. I was only given the choice between the JT singles and the 3D Dance mixes. My Mum already got her 3D mixes through the post. Can I change my gift to the 2019 gift so I don't get another copy of the 3D mixes?
  13. Im in exactly the same scenario. Ill be going to the second show alone. in standing and need to pick up my ticket from the box office. Ill be happy to meet up if anything is happening though.
  14. Ticketmaster UK said for the London show we need to pick them up from the venue. Bit annoying. Another thing to carry around!
  15. I Bought Gold tickets. Was told via email you pick up the gift on the day of the event at the venue. They will email you a week before the event with all the details.
  16. Says the one who thinks U2 have final say on ticket prices. Please provide me with information that can back up your point. Even bands performing in O2 Academies have no say. Its all up to the promoters. Research it. Educate yourself.
  17. U2 really have no say in the prices. If they wanted them lowered, LiveNation would just laugh at them. They own all the rights to U2 tours.
  18. Its common knowledge. Where do you get your information from? Do you really think the four of them sit around the table at dinner, and decide where they want to tour, which cities they want to go to, whether its stadiums or arenas, how many nights, and then after all that, they work out how much they need to price the tickets so they can make a profit or break even? Of course not. It's completely out of the bands control. They signed a deal with LiveNation giving them all the rights for their tours, look it up. LiveNation are the ones who work out where they're going to tour, how many nights are profitable, the tour schedule, and then the pricing of the tickets so they can cover the cost and make a tidy profit too. LiveNation are the ones who negotiate a deal with all the promoters, sponsors, arenas - who all take a share of the tickets. So naturally, LiveNation would increase prices so they can make more money as promoters and arenas demand bigger shares. LiveNation have also taken control over U2's merchandise, but no one buys music anymore because of streaming services, so they charge more for tickets to cover the money lost on people not buying music like they did 10 years ago. To think U2 actually have a say in what they charge for tickets after they've signed all the touring rights off to LiveNation is ludicrous.
  19. U2 literally have no say in what they charge for ticket prices. Its all up to LiveNation. End off.
  20. Hi, if anyones selling a GA for Manchester 20th I'd gladly buy it. Cheers!
  21. 1. The Blackout2. I will follow3. The electric co 4. Vertigo 5. Lights of home 6. You're the best thing about me7. Get out of your own way8. American Soul9. Bullet the blue Sky10. Red Flag day11. Summer of love12. Sunday Bloody Sunday Intermission - Zooroopa 13. Love is all we have left 14.Where the Streets have no name 15.Beautiful Day 16. City of Blinding Lights17.Love and Peace or Else18.Miracle Drug 19. Landlady20. The little things that give you away 21. With or Without you22. 13 (There is a light)encore -23. Discotheque 24. New Years Day 25. Bad/4026. Kite27. Love is bigger than anything in its way More of a Wishlist than a prediction!
  22. Mine came last week. Got no tracking number or email. Only thing I got was that its been dispatched on the "my order" page. Couple days later it arrived.
  23. Ta. Mine hasn't updated though. Shipping date is Nov 12th when I bought the subscription.
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