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  1. Final word - gave in and bought 2 VIP tickets, Block K, @ €211 per. Plus the usual service charge B.S. Reckon, after this bitter experience, this is the U2 concert for me.
  2. Just noticed 'Album presales' option available, so I assume that people who bought the album for what, €15, are now able to buy tickets, whereas morons like us, who subscribed for $50, are all outta luck?
  3. Me too. How the f does ticketmaster not enable to 'Innocence' option until 09:40 and then report everything is sold out? I bet you anything we'll have loads of tickets available on Seatwave - owned by TicketMaster!
  4. Shambles, total Shambles. First time to go to U2 and tbh I shouldn't have bothered.
  5. Switched to Firefox on my phone and finally got Innocence options... Sold out! Wtf!
  6. 09:11 and no "Innocence presale" option in dropdown on Ticketmaster for the Dublin shows. And assuming it's actually supposed to start at 10a, I have to be somewhere else! Amateur hour.
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