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  1. Is anyone going to be in red zone Adelaide Perth or Sydney? If so I would like to ask a big favour if at all possible. I have to read some tickets for Singapore and can’t go. I want to sell these (I’m very happy to sell them at 75% face value!) However they are meant to be collection at the venue of course and photo ID. I’ve already posted a question to ask about this but I haven’t had any replies so I’m putting a new post in the hope that some kind soul who is going to be in red zone at the forthcoming shows will be able to help. I seem to recall that there are the sam
  2. You can have 2 subscriptions in the same household with the same address - my husband and I both have a subscription. I’ve had mine for years and he has had his about 2 years I think. We only got his for ticket purchase for the 2017 Joshua tree as my brother in law wanted tickets so it meant we could buy more (not sure why he didn’t get a subscription thinking about it but then he is a bit tight). Obviously it is 2 completely separate subscriptions with each of our details etc. It means we get two of the same subscriber gifts though...I have spares!
  3. Yes thank you Mods....you are the best, and have the patience of saints when getting asked the same question again...and again....and again.... (like how many tickets can I buy). I’m not sure about gold alarm clocks but I’d buy you a few pints.
  4. I’m sure it would have shown it on the seating plan if that were the case. The only time I recall there being two sections for GA on the Joshua tree tour 2017 was in Dublin and it was labelled pitch one and pitch two on the seating plan. I can’t imagine at all with this set up (the stage along the side) that there would be two sections for GA. it would show it I am convinced. There weren’t 2 sections on any other venue as far as I remember. Don’t know why there was for Dublin.
  5. Ha ha Brendo 1704 that’s so funny. Yes we have all been there. I love the ‘swearing and other parenting no-no’s in front of the kids’. Hee hee. When the kids go...they will understand what all the tension was for!
  6. H ha - I know! I was sat with stress levels through the roof imagining everyone buying up all the tickets in that 15 minute window till I got in. I picked up the sudoku to try and calm me down but I was jangling. It took me 5 times before I actually did a successful check out but those problems with red zone have all been ironed out now. You won’t have a problem getting tickets....they haven’t all gone! What area are you going for? Just be prepared with everything to hand. You have about 5 mins once you have them in your basket to check out.
  7. I had found myself in the holding page about 4 hours before. I hadn’t meant to as I was just getting things ready and the page (which I accessed from U2.com) refreshed and I saw the picture like mich40 posted. It counted all the way down to 0.00 (I went to get a bit of sleep in the meantime!) then switched to say I was now in the queue. I was in the ‘queue’ page for over 15 mins before it let me buy tickets. As I had an issue with red zone check out, I went to U2 forum and saw other people had already been in and checked out tickets so they had obviously been selected from the queue page be
  8. It appears in the top left hand corner under contact details. I’d better book the hotel now just in case.
  9. Ok thank you for your help. I will leave it there. It appears on my confirmation but I’m guessing they aren’t going to actually write to me there....I mean who writes anymore!
  10. Have you now gone back in and changed the address back to your own address? Just wondering whether I should do that now.... or just leave it
  11. Hallelujah - thank you all and to ‘smell the flowers’. That was not without stress. It’s now 4am here and no way can I get think about going back to bed now - I’m zinging with adrenaline. I entered the address of the hotel I had intended to book (but not booked yet). Fortunately I had the details saved and they were easy to open and get the address. So really I haven’t even booked this hotel yet but I’ve put the address in anyway. It didn’t seem to mind at all - it was almost like as soon as the country was put in as Singapore you could have put any old address in. The bug was obviously
  12. Ok so do I have to put my nationality as Singapore then as it asks for my country! Is this what everyone else has done....good lord ....I’ll try!
  13. Well I’ve gone in again from the beginning and put 2 red zone in my basket aGAIN but still getting same message on checkout. Can not check out. Has anyone else managed and what did you do?
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