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  1. Thanks Martinmc!! I had been looking at that map you sent me and they do look like great seats but that's nearly my problem. If they are great why didn't they charge top price for them!! Unfortunately there is a part of me thinking there is some sort of catch with the seats i got :-( Is the stage design the same as 2015 where it runs down middle of standing section?
  2. Just wondering if somebody who knows the SSE could help me!! I bought tickets in the presale yesterday. They are in EASTL8 row F 145-146. They are right beside stage but as they are not in the highest cost bracket i am sure i will face some problems. They were 105 each. Do you think my view will be obstructed or will it be too loud? Or what problems could i face? I intend bringing my 7 year old daughter and i may have to change plans if its not going to be suitable for a child that age. Any help at all on this would be much appreciated :-)
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