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  1. It has come out here in Spain that before the encores Bono remained touched by the voice but endured like a champion, praising Bono
  2. They have changed a song with respect to the concert of Portugal last Monday, in Madrid they have sung Red Flag Day and in Lisbon they sang All Because of you
  3. Come on guys, 15 minutes to start enjoying #U2Madrid #U2eiTour
  4. I came from Spain with my wife and two friends, because in Spain I could not get tickets. But it has been worth it, because for me it has been a life experience of my life.
  5. Disfrutar mucho la gente que vais hoy, es un espectáculo increíble, yo vengo de verlos de Lisboa, para mi ha sido una experiencia vital en mi vida #U2Madrid #U2eitour
  6. we already have the tickets and everything arranged????
  7. We need help, if someone can help us in Lisbon, my friends bought the tickets for today's Lisbon concert, and they do not have them, they have the ticket payment bills, but they have never physically arrived in Spain. Now we are in Lisbon and we have been told to pick them up at El Altice Arena, but in blueticket they do not know anything. Can someone help us? we would appreciate it very much. Thank you
  8. I from Spain with my wife and two friends, traveling to Lisbon to see U2 for the first time, my favorite group of a lifetime and I am 43 years old, but I will see you On Monday #U2eitour #U2Lisbon
  9. I bought the tickets for the second concert from Spain, and I was left to choose the seats, while in Madrid, I did not have the choice.
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