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  1. Hi there, I wanted to renew my membership, but I can only choose the ie live CD as a gift although I already received it as last year's gift ... how can I make sure that the renewal includes the 2020 gift???
  2. Hello there! Somehow I do not find a possibility in my profile to renew my subscription for another year ... can anyone tell me where exactly this is possible? Edit: Finally found it - had to log out an in again before the option popped up ...
  3. On another part of this forum someone posted https://www.u2songs.com/news/ready_for_whats_next as a source for rumours, and according to this the JT30 - DVD seems to be scheduled for March 2019.
  4. Thank you very much for the information - superinteresting to read about all these rumours and what seems to come in the near future!!!
  5. Is that true, and where do you have this information from? Well, THAT would be a christmas gift!!!
  6. As I am really longing for a video release of the JT anniversary tour: where does this "unofficial news" come from - and is it really confirmed that they filmed the shows or at least one show for releasing purposes???
  7. After seeing the show in Cologne in September and introducing my daughter to U2, I simply HAD to go to Berlin and let my wife also be part of this wonderful tour. An what can I say, you all witnessed this wonderful evening. And in fact I am more than happy that I have seen them the two times in Germany, because the first half in Berlin was SO MUCH DIFFERENT to the first half in Cologne - I nearly had the feeling to be part of two completely different tours during the first half of the concert. And so I´m back here today in my hometown with golden memories of the "old setup" including Cedarwood Road, Iris, the very special version of sunday bloody sunday and the wonderful Red Flag Day - and on the other hand memories of the "new setup" which wasn´t even thinkable in Cologne with those pearls Zoo Station, The Fly, Dirty Day, Who´s gonna ride your wild horses, Stay and even Gloria... I wish they would always mix up the setlist in a "drastic" way like this, because they are such a great band and prooved that they are capable to do so - and it looks so good on them ...
  8. Yes, pepper spray - but as he was travelling alone I guess he had it with him for after the show, being alone in Cologne. At least I hope so!
  9. No, you could not pick the side - it was already determined by the ticket you bought, and security gave you a special coloured wristband outside before the concert with which you could only enter "your" side ... my side, the left side, had purple coloured wristbands. And even when you left the area for getting a drink, you could only reenter the side which was connected to the colour of your wristband. I had the impression, that they did quite an intensive security job: even outside everybody was intensivly "body-searched" - the guy in front of me had some pepper-spray with him which he had to through away after they detected it in his trousers...
  10. No, left side and right side of GA were strictly separated. Before entrance you got different coloured wristbands for left and right side and you only could enter the area which matched your wristband ...
  11. Although at the moment she suffers some serious A-ha - fever, she was kind of overwhelmed by the concert, because she did not expect such a multimedia spectacle. Before the concert she was quite concerned that they would not play her beloved songs from the Joshua Tree album, but after the concert, being given Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Years Day, City of Blinding Lights and especially Pride (where we were standing only 3 meters away from Bono at the round platform), she really was more than just happy. I think, this tour is not really the perfect U2 gig for "newbees", because this whole "story of my life"-theme had something theatrical for me, putting the story in the foreground and just using the music to support the story - really a very special experience, but I think the Joshua Tree Tour from last year would have been a better "initiation"-concert for her. What matters in the end is, that we, the father/daughter-couple, had a wonderful time yesterday and spent great 7 hours (including ride to and from the concert) together which we will remember for the rest of our lives. Getting up early this morning, in the bathroom my daughter was humming City of Blinding Lights, and she was still wearing the pink U2-bracelet - I think, this is a good sign, isn´t it?!? ?
  12. Thank you so much for all your help, very appreciated! Thank you so much for all your help, very appreciated!
  13. Thank you all for your tipps - as I really like the visuals, I think the view on the e-stage is very important for me, too. Could you please explain, where exactly the Red Zone is then (maybe with the help of the photo from sped, eight postings above)???
  14. So glad that Cologne will happen. As I am taking my daughter to her first U2 concert: where is the best place to stand (we stand inside, left side) to give her the "full experience" and a good view on the band "in person"?
  15. I would love to share memories of this concert with people who also have been there. It would be nice, if you could write down your memories and post them here ... This is what I can recall from that special day, 31 year ago: When I look at the setlist, I literally get tears in my eyes. Went there with 4 friends in a small car - big traffic jam on the highway to Cologne, but U2-Fans everywhere, open windows, people sitting on their cars , waving flags, singing together - enthusiastic people everywhere. At the entrance, our tickets were ripped in two parts by security and you only got handed back the smaller part of the ticket ... everyone was totally embarrassed about this, and I never experienced somthing like this before nor after until today (in fact, when I look at my "ticket-snippet, I still feel angry about this !) At the concert venue it was raining and big plastic covers were distributet to the people, so we crouched on the lawn quite a long time, still having fun despite of the weather. The Pretenders, Big Audio Dynamite and Lou Reed as supports - man, it took a long time, till U2 finally appeared on stage, I can tell you. When I read quite bad concert reviews today, I really can not understand why it was rated that bad - for me I felt it was the show of my life, and 60.000 people with me gave everything, singing, chanting "Bono, Bono, Bono!" all the time and having their time of their lives. "Bad" in the most impressive version I have heard until today: it was extended, because people kept singing after the band had already finished the song, so Bono end Edge started playing it again! Then Bono hat a little accident with the headlights he was carrying during "Bullet the Blue Sky". But what will stay in my mind for the rest of my life, and this is my No1-concert-moment of all time, is: 60.000 people chanting "how long to sing this song" while leaving the Müngersdorfer Stadion, even 30 minutes after the band played the last tune of "40". Still gives me goosbumps when I think of it ...
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