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  1. Hi can a member of the team help me out here. I paid subscription for U2 a few days ago (Got tickets under Innocence) and got my 2 tickets for me and my hubby on Wednesday for Dublin 5th. Yeeha My friend Aidan asked me to get him tickets today where a thing came up in ticket master that you could buy tickets today if you paid and additional amount and subscribed. He couldn't remember the password to his ticketmaster account, so i logged in for him and he put in the rest of his details his name his credit card etc. and bought the subscription. So he has his tickets too. Now were wondering how is he going to log onto the U2 site etc. because the only emails address asked for today was when you logged onto ticketmaster and that was mine. He was not given the option to put in his own email address. Im worried now this will effect my tickets.
  2. I am not a retailer, but i did buy the album, but my brother rang me today to say you can buy tickets today by using a code from your cd/Album. Is this correct and how do i do that. Thanks
  3. Sorry i might be wrong here, but can i buy tickets for Belfast today using a code on the physical cd i bought. If you can, can you tell me where its located. thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me where the code is on the album for the presale tickets. Thanks
  5. 2 Was the maximum tickets, am i right. A bit late now but just wondering.
  6. sm2112, i feel for you. i have been there so many times. Paid through the nose on a few occasions. Should have been a subscriber years ago.
  7. Grownmens, if you trust me do you want me to try. i have them up on my screen at the min
  8. They are now, i'd say maybe go out and reselect the tour again and it will refresh it for you. I got 5th because that was all that was showing at the time, but 9th 10th etc are showing now for all. Hope this helps.
  9. I'm ok. i have tickets and am available to go to any date. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so the 5th was fine for me. I'm sooooooo happy.
  10. Ok, go to u2.com. sign in select tours seltect standard tickets for either the 5th or 6th then it asks you to put in how many tickets and your code below and select standing sitting etc.
  11. quick its working for 5th or 6th for regular standing. just got mine hurry
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