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  1. I’m hoping I do too, though I don’t think realistically I will. I called the f c & the lady I spoke to said to me, “what do you want me to do about it”! I was shocked & stunned that they didn’t care about the fans. If only they had been as nice and lovely like you. I will get in touch when I get some news. Many thanks, I’ve really appreciated your support. Aitch
  2. Good morning, Sorry not to have replied sooner to you. I’m am going to get in touch with Jennifer today. I’ve got her WhatsApp number. I really have appreciated you taking the time to try and help me. I will let you know how I get on. Thank you again Aitch
  3. Hi Spongebob, Thank you for taking the time to reply & your kind words. As I said I was so excited as I had never had RZ tix before. As I said I wanted a special night this time for 3 reasons. I have been chronically sick for 19 years with various conditions. Now I have cancer too. Having been a fan since War. I turned down my chance of going to see the unforgettable fire tour & Live aid. That is the single most stupid thing I’ve ever done. However, I then went to all the tours ending in 2001 going to Slane castle. I was just getting over major surgery but it was fine. We all sat on blow up sofas, drinking etc & had a great craic! We also saw Coldplay, Red hot chilli peppers there. Then last year the JT30 gig, my brother took me to Croke Park. I went in a wheelchair & we were supposed to be by the mini JT stage but were put right back behind the barrier by this tent thing. If you look at the JT Croke pix you can see me. Zoom in and I have blonde hair & a Red T on. I didn’t get to see U2 not even ant size & only half the screen. The platform was only a few inches higher & people standing in front us blocked out everything. We weren’t told about the changed place. Most of us left about half way through, a little boy was crying. If I had known before I wouldn’t have made the hard journey there. Again fobbed off by you too com, saying contact venue etc. No sorry or anything again. After that I said I would have Red Zone the next time. I can walk stand, it’s just causes an increase in pain. But I get through gigs because of an adrenaline rush. So because I had not seen U2 since Slane, missing 360 especially gutting, what happened at Croke, then my prognosis, I thought I’ve got to get RZ next time. You know the story then. I didn’t know you could move to GA areas & thought there was a hospitality area that you could wander in and out of. I’ve feel absolutely gutted & im trying to find tickets for Dublin preferably or Berlin. Flights are cheap. When I can figure out how to do it, I’m going to put up a plea for GA tix for any of the 4 Dublin gigs. I like going on a camp out as you get chatting & having a laugh with other fans. I really like that & adds to the enjoyment of a gig. I did that 2 days before Xmas seeing another band. Got front row & was best Xmas party ever. Then stayed at the Clarence, which had nothing about U2 there at all, which I thought a bit odd. So SBob, I’m Aitch by the way if you have any tips, hints, know of any Dublin tix going I would really appreciate your help. I’m also rather curious at why you were chucked out before going to Red Zone. I don’t think I’m alone at the RZ this time. I just wish I had read about it before Weds. You live n learn I suppose. I have learnt that the f c don’t treat fans very well. I think that’s really bad as others ones really look after you. I wonder if the band know??? Bono always make the point of saying thanks to us for giving them an amazing life. I would say to them thanks for the amazing music. I couldn’t say to the f c tho, thanks for an amazing night I had & will die happy now but I can’t. I shouldn’t be having to go to another gig to die happy. As I have said, if you can give me any tips etc so I do have an amazing night if I can find tickets I would really appreciate it. Have a great evening. Aitch ?
  4. I bought red Zone tickets for London O2 arena on 24th October, for two reasons. Firstly some of the proceeds go to the Red charity. A very worthy cause if it is helping to beat AIDS. The second reason is that I am seriously ill and my days are numbered. I decided I had to go and see U2 for probably my very last time. So I decided to try and get Red Zone tickets & very happily did. I was beyond excited, counting down the days to Oct 24th. The joy soon turned into huge disappointment at that show. There were too many people for that small area. We were constantly hassled by the security people trying to keep the space to the side of it clear which is completely right for safety sake. However, it meant you couldn’t move, packed in like sardines. I didn’t see a thing all night. It was too far along width wise to see the main stage, you couldn’t see much of the run way with the barricage to the other stage which you couldn’t see that either. My point is that Red Zone is supposed to be a special experience which is what I wanted. A special night to remember seeing U2 for the last time in my life. I didn’t get the special night I thought I was going to get. I have spent the last two days crying. Called customer services saying what I have just said, there was no compassion, empathy or warmth. Only what do you want me to do about it & speak to the O2. I am bitterly disappointed with the Red Zone experience I had and even more disappointed by what I’ve just experienced on the phone. Just saying sorry would have been appreciated. I will take that to the grave now & I also will not be taking any happy memories of my last U2 gig either. I would love to hear what others thought of it has Red Zone been better in the past or also has it been a disappointment to others?
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