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  1. I’m hoping I do too, though I don’t think realistically I will. I called the f c & the lady I spoke to said to me, “what do you want me to do about it”! I was shocked & stunned that they didn’t care about the fans. If only they had been as nice and lovely like you. I will get in touch when I get some news. Many thanks, I’ve really appreciated your support. Aitch
  2. Good morning, Sorry not to have replied sooner to you. I’m am going to get in touch with Jennifer today. I’ve got her WhatsApp number. I really have appreciated you taking the time to try and help me. I will let you know how I get on. Thank you again Aitch
  3. Hi Spongebob, Thank you for taking the time to reply & your kind words. As I said I was so excited as I had never had RZ tix before. As I said I wanted a special night this time for 3 reasons. I have been chronically sick for 19 years with various conditions. Now I have cancer too. Having been a fan since War. I turned down my chance of going to see the unforgettable fire tour & Live aid. That is the single most stupid thing I’ve ever done. However, I then went to all the tours ending in 2001 going to Slane castle. I was just getting over major surgery but it was fine. We all sat
  4. I bought red Zone tickets for London O2 arena on 24th October, for two reasons. Firstly some of the proceeds go to the Red charity. A very worthy cause if it is helping to beat AIDS. The second reason is that I am seriously ill and my days are numbered. I decided I had to go and see U2 for probably my very last time. So I decided to try and get Red Zone tickets & very happily did. I was beyond excited, counting down the days to Oct 24th. The joy soon turned into huge disappointment at that show. There were too many people for that small area. We were constantly hassled by the security peop
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