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  1. Iv been unwell just chilling with my youngest and she asks what do I want to watch i said just whatever you want love. This will make you feel better mummy and puts this on 🥰


  2. Hi i want to know what you all think.. i want to get a tattoo obvs a u2 one but I'm torn between all. I just want a smallish one im no good with needles lol although I have 7 different ones. So was thinking of the Joshua tree for the year I was born then im thinking just get 1 at a time. All thoughts welcome 😊

  3. Class tune... Larry you sexy wee minx as always

  4. ?

    love this so much 

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    2. LauraMarie87


      Omg you came all the way from there.... class!!! I'd love to go again I really hope they do another tour.. enjoy every second I know you will like but wow all the way from the states... and enjoy Dublin send us some pics lol

    3. Kastro


      ThanksI  and I will for sure!  Take good care!

    4. LauraMarie87


      You to hun xxxx and safe journey home

  5. Hope everyone in Dublin had a good night no reason why yous shouldn't of lol... still can't believe it's all over! Also wondering how I coped having a concussion lol was worth the pain ?

  6. So ashamed I didn't put this up....HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY YOU WEE BABE ??❤ hope you enjoyed your day

  7. Receive this we gem today.. thankyou to whoever sent it ?


  8. Omg take me back to Sunday 28th!!!! Best night of my life!!! Mr Larry Mullen did not disappoint ? ❤him

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