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  1. Hi everyone for the Dublin show tonight wish you all a safe trip there and home.. don't what the weather's like down there but it's nasty up here in craigavon.. love to you all
  2. Class tune... Larry you sexy wee minx as always

  3. ?

    love this so much 

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    2. LauraMarie87


      Omg you came all the way from there.... class!!! I'd love to go again I really hope they do another tour.. enjoy every second I know you will like but wow all the way from the states... and enjoy Dublin send us some pics lol

    3. Kastro


      ThanksI  and I will for sure!  Take good care!

    4. LauraMarie87


      You to hun xxxx and safe journey home

  4. Hope everyone in Dublin had a good night no reason why yous shouldn't of lol... still can't believe it's all over! Also wondering how I coped having a concussion lol was worth the pain ?

  5. Enjoy... I was getting ready for Belfast this time last week ?????
  6. So ashamed I didn't put this up....HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY YOU WEE BABE ??❤ hope you enjoyed your day

  7. Receive this we gem today.. thankyou to whoever sent it ?


  8. Omg take me back to Sunday 28th!!!! Best night of my life!!! Mr Larry Mullen did not disappoint ? ❤him

  9. I'm so excited what night are you going? Hope my seats are decent enough .
  10. This will be my first im going on the 28th Oct cant wait.
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