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  1. Oh my god cant believe my mum and sis got me this made i actually had a panic attack you would swore larry walked in the room 🤣


  2. My daughters project


  3. My daughter is 8 and I was excited she had picked mummy's favourite band for her project. It was only meant to be on a famous person so I said well do Bono. Omg he has won and been recognised in so much with u2 and alone i cant scale it down to 8yo level 🤣 im struggling. I wanted Larry but daddy said no 🤣

  4. My youngest daughter is 8yo, she has to do a project of famous people. Well she has picked Bono lol so mummy gets to help even tho mummy has 4 essays and a cv 2 hand in before the 16th 😁

  5. I volunteer with St john ambulance in Northern Ireland and today I completed my course and passed my medical and trauma assessments. In January I get my new title emergency ambulance crew. I dont have any real personal friends but I wanted to share my achievement with my u2 family x

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    2. Manohlive


      Go heal the world, LauraMarie87.  You are very welcome.

    3. LauraMarie87


      If only lol 😊

    4. seresere


      Congrats!! And thank you :)

  6. I couldnt stopped singing and dancing so all my pics where like this lol.
  7. Missed the watch party, gutted, anyone wana fill me in? Kiddos wanted face their faces painted and play and mama bear here was very busy with them. 

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      Sorry that you missed the watch party - It would have been great to have you there.... some good news, perhaps: you can still watch the Adam and Edge Q&A and the Boston show. Please check the microsite: https://elevationwatchparty.u2.com/

      You have today and tomorrow to check it. Enjoy!
    2. LauraMarie87


      I watched Adam and The Edge really enjoyed that and I was on twitter for the ATYCLB watch party missed Larry 😭 but enjoyed that one to thankyou

  8. happy birthday to the legend himself , Larry mullen jnr.. Best drummer in the world and most handsome man ever!!

  9. Iv been unwell just chilling with my youngest and she asks what do I want to watch i said just whatever you want love. This will make you feel better mummy and puts this on 🥰


  10. Hi i want to know what you all think.. i want to get a tattoo obvs a u2 one but I'm torn between all. I just want a smallish one im no good with needles lol although I have 7 different ones. So was thinking of the Joshua tree for the year I was born then im thinking just get 1 at a time. All thoughts welcome 😊

  11. Hi everyone for the Dublin show tonight wish you all a safe trip there and home.. don't what the weather's like down there but it's nasty up here in craigavon.. love to you all
  12. Class tune... Larry you sexy wee minx as always

  13. ?

    love this so much 

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    2. LauraMarie87


      Omg you came all the way from there.... class!!! I'd love to go again I really hope they do another tour.. enjoy every second I know you will like but wow all the way from the states... and enjoy Dublin send us some pics lol

    3. Kastro


      ThanksI  and I will for sure!  Take good care!

    4. LauraMarie87


      You to hun xxxx and safe journey home

  14. Hope everyone in Dublin had a good night no reason why yous shouldn't of lol... still can't believe it's all over! Also wondering how I coped having a concussion lol was worth the pain ?

  15. Enjoy... I was getting ready for Belfast this time last week ?????
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