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  1. Thank you so much!! Thinking about U2 it' s a good way to try to find an escape from those terribile dirty days!!
  2. I'd like to know......what about the "collectable giveaways", you annunced via email on March 1st ???🙂
  3. Milan, October 14th, 6:44 PM. A black car parks on the side of the street and... Guess who gets out? Adam Clayton!!!!! In flesh and blood!!! He walks towards me and my friend and gives us a huge hug that we'll never forget for the rest of our lives. Can you imagine? Mr. Adam Clayton asking you, "Did you enjoy the show, last friday?" He was so kind and sweet!! He even gave us 3 packages of colorful candies, that we have saved as a memento!! I had a really great time in Milan during the U2's concert, in October 2018, but Adam's hug is the most special memory I have. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM!!! Than
  4. During the U2's concert of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017, in Rome, on July 15th, Bono asked "Is the bass the sexiest instrument?" Look at this picture (that I took in Milan, On October 15th 2018) and you will have the answer!! This photo is on my phone background, for the pleasure of my eyes!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM!!! Our heart beats for U2 at the rhythm of your (purple) bass!!!
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