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  1. i honestly will never understand the point of a band putting a song on an album to never play it live. I mean, why release it?
  2. Mofo i love but it wouldn't kill me not to hear it. If God Would Send His Angels would I freak out if they played it live.
  3. there's NO WAY they don't do the Acthung Baby Anniversary tour. if i had my way, and i don't, i would love them to do Zoo TV again for it.
  4. i would LOVE THAT. Although i'm assuming they're saying stuff like that for the Achthung Baby Anniversary tour.
  5. for me, the 80s stuff is played out. The singles anyway, would love to hear some album tracks such as Heart Land live.
  6. love that album... find myself listening to live versions of those songs more than the studio versions though.
  7. do you feel that U2 setlist have become stale? don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that i didn't have an amazing time at the I&E shows a Joshua Tree anniversary tour.... but it's, to me, too much 80s stuff.
  8. i wanna hear If God Will Send His Angels and Do You Feel Loved. I'm also LOVING Zooropa a lot these days, i dunno why but i tend to have different feelings about U2 albums at different times... does that make sense? the song Zooropa i can't stop listening to.
  9. do you think it's a joke how the songs from it never get played live anymore? i mean i LOVE U2 so much... but they seem to be predictable setlist these last two tours.
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