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  1. No GA, everyone will have a seat assignment. When you show up is irrelevant
  2. I listed till 1am EST but then adulating took over, realized my kids had a 5 hour sleep head start on me and we have U2 tonight. Going to need a nap to get through the day Congrats to all who won, enjoy the show!
  3. Can't believe they just played the promo again, 10 minutes before it ends
  4. I don't think they are going to play it again, have they played it after 10pm EST even once during the contest?
  5. Who else is still listening in case they play it a 3rd time?
  6. Seats near stage always become available close to show time because at that point they have a sense of how the stage will fit into the arena
  7. War tour was $5, UF was $13.50 I just looked at my tickets for tomorrow - $475. My wife is going to kill me!
  8. Thanks, I'm going tomorrow and want to know what time to head in
  9. Does she live in tri-state area? Wondering if they picked from tri-state area
  10. What time did they take the stage? Last summer there was an opening act but haven't seen one mentioned this year
  11. I got up to listen at 7 thinking they wouldn't play it before that. ? Guess I don't have to listen religiously till later today
  12. 4:06, heard opening note and dialed right away. Got a ring, then a busy signal, and then a call failed 5x in a row. Never a human I guess that is it for today, someone said they only play it twice a day
  13. Sirius has an event team, they are often at concerts and sports events to try to attract new subs. I only know about it because my wife worked there
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