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  1. In 1992 I was 16 and I waited for U2 as one can wait for a lover or a best friend... When I heard that they would come to Milan for the Zoo TV Tour, I got mad: I got away from school to find the tickets for the show: no Internet, no smartphones, just the word- of- mouth to get everything. I have no pictures of those days because it was not allowed to bring cameras into the venues...however I have some memories stuck in my mind: the first show was postponed due to problems with one of the band's trucks coming from Spain. Outside the Forum in Milan a group of fans started to protest and was attacked by the police....and I was in that crowd with my best friend!!!! the show was set two days after, on may the 22nd. I remember Bono singing Who's gonna ride your wild horses and then... I fainted....and was brought to the Infirmary, where I sang Love is blindness with other 50 fans :-) :-) :-) I was also in Verona in 1993 at the Stadium Bentegodi for the second part of the Zoo TV TOUR: it was one of the most amazing U2 concerts I have ever seen. I remember Larry Mullen singing Dirty old town, and playing the bongos and I was just behind him!!!!!!!!!! I also remember beautiful versions of Satellites of love and Songs of freedom, and the phone calls of Macphisto. Crazy, beautiful times spent with my friends!
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