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    Midwest, US
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    Travel, reading, music, fitness, attending live shows, volunteer work,
  • Favourite U2 Album
    Can’t pick just one
  • Favourite U2 Single
    Moment Of Surrender, Bad, Every Breaking Wave, UTEOTW
  • First U2 Gig
    12/9/84 - CLE, OH US
  • Recent U2 Gig
    11/10/18- Dublin, IRE
  • Best U2 Gig
    360 tour is my favorite but love them all -;)
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    Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Metallica, Tool, Rammstein, Judas Priest, ELO- Jeff Lynne, Paul McCartney

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  1. If we get during the Holidays I'd be happy. :)
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