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  1. Having paid over £500 for 2 tickets for the O2 show on the 24th October 2018 for myself & my 12 year old son, I had to leave the arena during the opening of the concert due to the opening graphics which scared my 12 year old to death. I know U2 are thought provoking but what age are you guys aiming this graphic content at ? Is it the thirty something or the young fans who will be the new people filling the stadiums and arenas in the coming years. I have been to U2 concerts since 1987 and my son has been to the Joshua Tree tour in 2017 which was an uplifting experience for all aged fans, but you guys need to consider not only the more mature fans like myself but those fans who through no fault of their own are not old enough to understand the message you are trying to get across but who still wish to hear your music live and not to be scared out of their minds. I guess the current climate of terrorism doesn't help but you need to think of how to engage your young fans without scaring them away from seeing you live. For me it was a huge disappointment not to see the show but my son is much more important the U2 and there hopefully will be a next time for me and my son. Your music speaks for itself. Please consider everyone who may attend the concert and not just those old enough to grasp the meaning of the opening images. Karl
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