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  1. I am not a Bolsonaro voter., and I am not offended. I just exposed that I am sorry seeing Bono polarizing, too. For me, there are no winners or losers, I dont want a side, I want a better Brazil, and this requires good understanding of the process. Greetings!
  2. Here in Brazil, U2 fans celebrate this great band, following up this tour European wing. However, today, all the news about U2 are related to Bono speech yesterday in Belfast show on our presidential election of yesterday, too. It is such a pity seeing Bono talking things he doesn’t know accurately. He is a kind man, a person full of energy and hope, I follow him since 1982, but he could have thought twice about his words on Brazil. He demonstrated being a childish person, looking at only one side. And worse, here due to the polarization if this election, violence was a mark.
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