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    Lima, Peru
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    Zooropa (all of them actually)
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    Vertigo, Electrical Storm, Unforgettable Fire, I Will Follow
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    Joshua Tree Tour in Santiago, Chile, 14/10/2017
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  1. Thanks, that´s great news. I think I´m subscribing now. I will let you know when it arrives!
  2. Hello everyone, I was really looking forward to this concert film and I am thinking of subscribing for the first time. My only doubt is about the shipment outside Europe or the US. Is the shipping of the gifts worldwide? (Im in South America) I really don´t mind waiting, but just want to make sure that the physical copy arrives to this part of the world!
  3. Thank you xrayjets! Staying safe, hope everything is well over there as well!
  4. Thank you! Yes, it is a wonderful destination! Even Bono came here for vacations with his family in 2012! Hope you can come to visit. Cheers
  5. Hola! My name is Armando and I am from Lima, Peru, I just wanted to say hi to everyone here and keep sharing experiences involving our beloved band. I have been a fan since 2004, I was 14 (I am 30 now), and finally got to see them in concert in 2017 when the Joshua Tree Tour landed in South America. As a Peruvian fan, it would be a dream come true to see U2 play in my country one day (they have been so close!). See you around!
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