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  1. Hey Penelope! Great that you now have access to the Facebook group! I will keep you all up to date here in the forum and in the facebook group! It stays at 5 pm (Thursday). Meeting point: Main Gate of Cornwall Park. We will arrive on top of One Tree Hill at about 5:45 pm. So if you'd like to join us at the obelisk... Great!!! We have a guitar player!!! Thank you, Gerry! That's wonderful! Just another question: Has anyone an idea how I can get with this sign into the concert on Friday night? I've heard that they only allow signs with a maximum size of A3 (29 x 42 cm) ...
  2. Hey Manuel! Yay! We will do it! Okay, The feedback is now increasing. I've posted our event in the facebook-group for the Auckland concerts: https://www.facebook.com/events/545755652908793/ We will meet at the Main Gate of Cornwall Park (Greenlane West Rd) on Thursday, 7 November, 5 pm. From there we can walk through the park and up to One Tree Hill, where we will arrive at about 5:45 pm, I think. Everyone is welcome to join us! So to all: If you'd like to breath the spirit of "The Joshua Tree" together with other like-minded people and to take a wal
  3. Ahh! I think, the problem isn´t really a problem! If we are just a small group coming together outside the park and then visiting together the One Tree Hill, then our "meeting" wouldn't have the character of a "public meeting"... We would just be a small group of people who visit the One Tree Hill. So I think that can be a solution! The rules for visiting Cornwall Park are just so strict because it is a special place for the Maori and New Zealanders... It is to be understood that they don't want to have any big public meetings there.
  4. Hey Penelope! Great! One Tree Hill is located right in the city of Auckland, in Cornwall Park. The park is open til 8pm, so maybe 7pm would be a good time. What do you think? ... I hope that we can find some more people who would join. But I guess, there is one more big problem that could cause the whole thing to burst... Take a look at the "Cornwall Park conditions of entry" (item 20). They are very strict about meetings. Unfortunately, I only saw this now! Maybe you have an idea? Cornwall-Park-Conditions-of-Entry-update-2018-rebranding.pdf
  5. On November 8 the Joshua Tree Tour 2019 will start in a city which was significant to the history and the spirit of the album "The Joshua Tree" - because of the song "One Tree Hill" which reflects hope in the moment of a deep loss and because of the dedication of the whole album to Greg Carroll. I guess, there is no better place for U2 to open this 2019-tour as it is in Auckland. Greg Carroll, whom probably none of us have known personally, lives on in this album through the song "One Tree Hill" and gives the album a lot of the spirit, for which we are so grateful as fans. And for me - as for
  6. Oh yeah! Now it works! I´m sorry! Just haven`t seen it! The last time I hadn`t that problem Thank you very much! You´re great!
  7. after choosing the ticket on the ticketmaster-website
  8. I still try to get a GA-ticket for the second show in Auckland. But it always says: "Something went wrong...An error occurred and we could not reserve your tickets. " Has anyone an idea?
  9. Great! Thank you both very much! I`m sure, you are absolutely right! One more question: I wonder if I should do both nights in GA. I have the feeling, that the best place on this tour is right at the "Tree-stage". In all other places (including the seats), you don`t have such a free and centre sight to the screen like you have at the "Tree-stage". Am I right? I hope, that it is early enough, if I am at the stadium at 12:00
  10. Could anyone give me an advice? Is it worthwile to visit two concerts of this tour on two consecutive days? Or does it feel like a dejavu? I`ve seen the JT Tour 2017 in Berlin and now I want to fulfill my lifelong dream to see U2 in Auckland. I`ve got a GA-ticket for the concert on November, 8th and I will come the long way from Germany, to see U2 and travel New Zealand for two weeks. Now I wonder, if I should buy a ticket for November, 9th, too. So I`m faced with the choice to leave Auckland for my trip on November, 9th or to stay one night longer and to attend the second concert, too...
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