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  1. Physical fornat DVD, but please give us audio downloads, so many great songs we need live versions of
  2. What about just the audio? I would rather have that, any chance they will give us downloads to go with the DVD?
  3. I like Every Breaking Wave, but did they perform it as a full band on the Innocence tour? If they did is there an official live version anywhere?
  4. Got it, now what’s the gift for next year? 😂
  5. On April 28th and May 28th we received 2 live downloads, its July 1, what is taking so long, at least post the entire track list so we can know what to look forward to,
  6. By the way, I really hope Sweetest Thing makes the cut, no live version ever released right?
  7. Ok so far we have Song For Someone, Raised By Wolves, The Little Things, Lights of Home, Love Is Bigger and Summer of Love We should get the following: Innocence: Miracle, Cedarwood Road, Every Breaking Wave, Invisible and The Troubles Experience: Blackout, The Ocean, Best Thing, Get Out Of Your Own Way, 13, American Soul 17 Songs total, each Cd should have about 15 tracks, so that would mean and additional 13 songs not on the last 2 cds, makes sense right? Did I leave anything out?
  8. I sent an email last night and they replied to me this morning, saying it is still in production, and they verified my mailing address, they never even bothered to answer anything about when to expect future downloads, or when cds would ship
  9. It’s almost a month since the 2 downloads, time for more or at least reveal the complete track listing
  10. Wish they would post the full track list, downloads every week?
  11. Shouldn’t we be getting the tracklists and downloads soon? They said early January
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