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  1. Forgot to add this to the message above. If you do have any problems picking up tickets at 7-11, Email Pia using tickets-inquiry@pia.co.jp which is on bottom of your confirmation Email. You can write in English or Japanese, i wrote in English and they were very quick and helpful.
  2. Good news here as well, donkeyfish. The lady at 7-11 had that look of "oh no, not you again" in the end she was as relied as I was that this ticket printed. Must say Pia was very quick at relying and dealing with the problem, not always the case here....
  3. An update from Pia this evening informing me that my ticket can now be issued. Will give it another try tomorrow, fingers crossed.
  4. You are not alone, had the same problem this morning. 7-11 staff keyed in the ticket number and message No Ticket came up. I have now Emailed Pia and they replied quickly and am said not to worry as ticket is confirmed. Then asked for more details, waiting for another reply. Like you the staff at 7-11 were very helpful, even when a queue started forming behind me. They could not understand why the ticket would not print. In the past when collecting tickets, it is a quick and painless process.
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