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  1. Secured my GA front tickets wooohooo... Gonna be my 3rd show this tour... flying from Sri Lanka.. .who is up for a meetup with beers on the 14th in mumbai?
  2. Also who else is going for Manila? I don't see much hype for Manila than other cities even in any other social media platform. Any information on how the queuing is going to be etc. ?
  3. lol I'm also waiting for that.. but by this saturday if they do not announce another show, im going to go for Manila. Can't lose out on the manila show if they dont add another. and given the fact that manila GA floor is very small and limited tickets im pretty sure GA will be finished soon. so cant take that risk of waiting days after the pre-sales are over.
  4. I'm already preparing documents for Manila... because it takes us asian a long time to process visa for other countries.. so i dont want to wait and miss the ticket sales.. either way I wouldn't go to India as its my neighboring country so manila is better for me i guess who else is planning to come to manila?
  5. I'm still on the edge thinking of doing manila or not, apart from the 2 singapore shows il be watching.. if i do manila, then il be flying to singa, coming back to sri lanka, work for another week and then fly back to manila.. gonna be an adventurous vacation though, but i prefer if they play vietnam on the 14th.
  6. im upset too cuz they didnt announce the 14th show yet, and by the time i buy the tickets for manila, they would announce a cheaper asian country for me to go
  7. I'm also waiting for the announcement of the 14th Dec show before booking flights for Manila I would prefer Vietnam and Thailand over Manila. I don't think they will perform in Burma or Laos, they don't have fans there as I think? And neither Malaysia.
  8. OMG, finally someone said that... It's my all time favourite song and I listen to it and like 5 live versions on a daily basis before i start work in the morning.... everyday - that's right... I wanted to have this too in the album.. my dream is to see them play at JT in singapore.. they havent played it at any JT shows in 2017 so im worried if the set list is gonna be the same as 2017 but I really want them to play it...
  9. I think its the same situation for singapore 2 as well... the 1st show sold out in an hour but second - the stadium is half empty and you can even sleep at GA I guess...
  10. you two are not alone my dears one of my U2 friends whom I knew for a long time who had a usable code, bought a ticket for me as well so its gonna be us and the band
  11. The U2 world is so silent today. Makes me wonder if all tickets sold out today or no one has bought tickets and waiting for the public sale?
  12. The singa tour has been dramatic from the start.. first the tickets were accidently sold, then when we were told its unlikely a 2nd show will happen, came untrue, so expect a miracle few hours before the presale starts tommorrow a notice saying.. "Due to overwhelming response, the presales code can be used again for the 2nd show" :p
  13. I've got another question though... heard that the venue doesn't allow queuing up overnight.. my arrival dates to singapore depends on this factor, in case there is queuing up allowed, im all game... but if they don't allow queuing up, and they only allow queuing up like 2 hours before the show, then to queue up 2 hours before, how do people queue up to queue up? :S I mean say 10000 people ready to queue up sharp at the time they are allowed to queue up, and how do they queue up at once without queuing up at the queue before? There will be human stampede to queue up itself before the show... am i correct?
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