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  1. just got my 2019 subscription gift 1 year & 3 months after I signed up. Postage indicated they only mailed it 3 weeks ago after numerous emails for followups. I wonder if I would get the dvd in the same time period?
  2. lucky you. I'm waiting for a year already. How long did you get your 2019 package from the time they sent the email notice that it's on the way?
  3. I also went to the contact us page. Because initially the order confirmation was on my account page. Then one day it suddenly disappeared. Good thing I still have my order confirmation email with my details. Yes, they asked to confirm my shipping address which I did as well. But when I asked for another copy to be reshipped, they mentioned that they are currently out of stock.
  4. Been trying to get a straight answer as to the time frame when the 2019 gift was shipped out but they can't give a definite reply only saying that "i should be receiving mine by now" I have asked about the status of the delivery but they can't track it. I have asked to have another reshipped, then they give this: "Thanks for reaching out to us. Please know that the order that was submitted for reshipment, has not been sent. We do show that item is still currently in production/inventory is out of stock. Unfortunately, we do not have a physical gift yet to mail out to you and to other fan
  5. I still haven't got what I paid for! huhuhu 😪 Just emailed the fanclub for an update, they said it was already shipped but can't confirm shipment date as they changed systems. When I asked how long does it usually take to ship, they mentioned that it was out of stock & can't guarantee when they would have again
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