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  1. The tour hasn't even hit our shores yet and I'm so sick of the overseas fans claiming ownership over the band. I've had enough of it. You don't own them. I don't care how many shows you've been to or what the hell you've spent your money on. None of us are equal until all of us are equal. What has annoyed me most of all is the way these groups are organised according to their self-imposed importance. If you have spent more than anyone else on the band and have travelled all over the world to see them do you know what you haven't done? You haven't paid enough attention to your own life. It costs 20 cents a day to save a baby from contracting HIV. It costs 20 cents a day to save the life of the mother and to stop her transmitting that disease. It costs 20 cents a day to improve the quality of lives in the most harshest conditions and you spend your money instead on your habit, and in doing so push the locals who are just as worthy as you of getting close to and knowing the band out of the way. I don't care how much you've spent. What it means to me is that people died in the meantime and all you cared about was whether you got that signature or not. I'm ashamed to call myself a fan today. The tour hasn't even made it yet and the ridiculous in-fighting in the audience of the band and the complete and utter selfishness of those who want to scramble to the top of this fandom and lay claim to being more important is deplorable. You don't deserve them. I'm sorry U2. You can keep your suit of lights. I'm off with the sun. Signed the lady with the sunhat, who believes loves is bigger than anything in its way, but who can't see it in the throngs of people pushing each other out of the way and standing on each others toes. I'd rather sit in the sun with a beer. Have a beautiful day, and bless x
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