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  1. This is a poem I wrote in an hour for The Edge's birthday. It mostly relates to the only time I have met him in Dublin but chose not to ask for an autograph, because he was with his family. I do firmly believe that the opportunity to meet him in person will present itself again. Thank you for reading my words.
  2. Hi Lenie, Have you heard back?
  3. Ciara was amazing on this. And she is a sweetheart. She wants to have Eve Hewson now, so let's keep our fingers crossed.
  4. The pandemic is sadly pretty much here and there is a debate between people who have received the vaccine and people who refuse it. Because of this, every country has its own issues. The touring industry, especially in large venues, is heavily affected. It's really hard to predict when artists will be able to perform live again. This includes the future touring life of U2. The longer we wait, the better the anticipation! Think of this as new songs, new technology, new ideas. Perhaps also new venues! And meanwhile, save your money, so you can get to see more shows.
  5. I am surprised nobody has responded to your post. So sorry about that. So let me answer first! I listen to U2X Radio mostly for Gavin Friday. I am also a big fan of his work. My Desire show aired last year, on September 29th. It was unfortunately for me largely edited, judged too graphic and sad. The audio of my Desire show is on YouTube and on my website.
  6. I am so happy to share my first U2 video with my own artwork. For this first video, I have used Zoo Station. I hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/HzW8Jr2rg78
  7. Happy to see you here... We follow each other on Twitter.


  8. Any news on the Desire show? How long did it take you to hear back? I submitted by first recording on 07/16 and I still haven't heard back. It's frustrating not knowing or not having any response.
  9. © Valerie Hartman

  10. You came along with your blue eyes, And you knew how to work the cameras. Already, you had so much personality, So much presence, so much chemistry. You were the showman before the show had even started. Showman, you stole the show at the Live Aid. Soon, all the girls would want to dance with you, From a dream to a tear, all because of you. You came back from Ethiopia with a mission. You had to tell the world of your intention. You were not going to take any crap. It was you, after all, Irishman, who put Ireland on the map. Defending the less fortunate, always on the frontline. Speaking up so loud, you never got tired. Always, you took the blame. Always, you ran to the streets with no name. So many doors got slammed to your face. When it started, some thought you wouldn’t pass the test. You started with nothing; she even had to pay the rent. If the landlady had the key, it was the key to the genius in your head. I remember the long hair back in the 80s. The girls wanted to be picked on stage for the thrills. So many years have passed and I have been a fan for all this time. So many songs I have heard and still I am stuck on that rhyme. You have done so much for this world, my dear. Yet there is so much work that is unfinished. You are 60, and I remember when love came to town. And still we have never met, so why don’t you let me in the sound? My activist, you used to sing well, but now you sing even better. Just stay off that bicycle, you must live on forever. Don’t fade away, we need more elevation, And don’t forget my invitation to your radio station. So it’s your big day, Fly man. Have you figured out TikTok yet, or Zoom? Just like all of us, are you stuck at home? Will the good wishes be delivered by a drone? I wish you nothing but the very best: be happy, be healthy, be the one. Make us dream for a better world, make us dream out loud. Take good care of yourself, and stay away from that virus shit. Might as well write some songs, if there’s nothing on Netflix. Let’s meet up some day, my MacPhisto. In the meantime, here’s to you… Happy birthday, dear Bono.
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