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  1. Happy to see you here... We follow each other on Twitter.


  2. Any news on the Desire show? How long did it take you to hear back? I submitted by first recording on 07/16 and I still haven't heard back. It's frustrating not knowing or not having any response.
  3. © Valerie Hartman

  4. You came along with your blue eyes, And you knew how to work the cameras. Already, you had so much personality, So much presence, so much chemistry. You were the showman before the show had even started. Showman, you stole the show at the Live Aid. Soon, all the girls would want to dance with you, From a dream to a tear, all because of you. You came back from Ethiopia with a mission. You had to tell the world of your intention. You were not going to take any crap. It was you, after all, Irishman, who put Ireland on the map.
  5. There is so much you have already heard, so let me tell you something else. I can still picture you with your long hair, which means I have been a fan for a long time. It started when your hair was still growing, actually. So you see, it’s been a long time. I get the impression that it was yesterday, when I was intimidated by you. It’s funny to remember, because I don’t feel that way anymore. I am listening to your voice. You are singing while I am trying to find the right words. I can still picture you with your long hair; the posters in my teenage bedroom. I have wal
  6. Don't forget to wear your masks if you need to go out! Stay strong! Covid sucks but we will get through this!
  7. Oh U2, come and cure your tree! Look at it, it looks sick! Oh, can we invite ourselves to your music and sing along? Make us breathe, make us heal! Bono, there is so much more love that needs to be known! Fans, let's get together, from our homes, let's sing, let's dance. Now, more than ever! Because now is the time to let that light shine, and not to let it go out! Let's cure ourselves, let's cure our beloved tree. If you are reading this, please be safe. With much love, V.
  8. To all the fans who are at home and cannot go out. This note is to send you all my support, from me to you, as to all U2 fans of the world. Brick by brick, we will destroy the wall called COVID19 that separates us, for someday soon, to see the light again. Sending you all my love and my prayers... We Get To Carry Each Other.
  9. Happy Birthday, Adam!!! Here's a poem that I wrote for the big day!
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