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  1. Hey guys, Here's the email I got from Pia. Hope this helps clear things up. Basically we'll be let in in the order of our ticket numbers at Gate W for standing. Here's the email in full: Behalf of U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019 - We would like to welcome you to Saitama Super Arena.Due to recent events, extra security measures will be in place, with inspection of bags and metal detector body checks conducted upon entry.As a result, entry to the venue may take longer than usual, so we encourage you to arrive with plenty of time to spare.Certain items are prohibited from being brought in
  2. Hope it went well for you, razspazz. No explanation as to why it happened but I imagine it might have had something to do with them releasing some more tickets for the show on the same day (Nov. 20th) after learning of the stage set up. Mo' fans, mo' problems...website wise. Glad to hear every possible seat will be filled for the fun!
  3. Good news, Moonta. Got the same heads up and rushed to the closest 7-11 and picked up my tix andall is well. Hope you enjoy the show! Second night, for me. Very much looking forward to it. Been tooo long.
  4. Oops. Have to correct myself. My reply was from Ticket PIA, not Ticketmaster, although, I think it was Ticketmaster who replied after I asked for help from this site. Shout out to Moonta because it's good to know I'm not alone!! Thought maybe it was something boneheaded I'd done (like every other day of my life)...
  5. I contacted the Pia inquiry page--in English, even--and got a reply from Ticketmaster that someone would be contacting me within 12 hours or so. Hopefully things'll be cleared up. The lady at Pia answered a long-lasting query I'd had: Are ticket numbers assigned when you order or when you pick them up? I go to a lot of shows and Ive always wondered. Answer: Assigned when you order (and pay). So no need to rush to pick them up....like I've been doing for yonks and yonks! Silly me....
  6. Has anyone else had trouble picking up their tickets from 7-11 in Japan? 'Wires' presale tickets are supposed to be available for pick up Nov. 20th after 10am. I tried 3 different 7-11s with my ticket number from the fan presale and none of them could be printed. I even asked some staff at a Ticket PIA shop and they couldn't figure it out either. Although the issue remains unsolved I did have the wonderful experience of the amazing staff at both 7-11 AND Ticket PIA truly going above and beyond to try to figure it out. Humanity and kindness and customer service all rolled into one making a frus
  7. I imagine there would have been some notice if there were a backing band by now. Bigger shows in Japan don't always have an opening act for reasons I am not privy to. Cost? Logistics? Early finish times so we can all get to work in the morning? Who knows. But, no, the Vertigo tour didn't have an opening act, lo, those many years ago so it's not unusual. Let's hope the extra time is well used with a few more amazing U2unes! Having said that it is a good time to mention it would be terrible to be late since there's no opening act cushion! You don't want to miss a thing!
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