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    Music, Exercise, Video Games, Activism, Drawing, Movies, Traveling with Family, Sports
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    No Line on The Horizon
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    Vertigo Tour
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    Joshua Tree Tour
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    U2360° Tour
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    Coldplay, The Script

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About Me

Hi, my name is Cheynne Moye and I have autism and I am a new fan of U2. The first song that I ever heard 
was "Magnificent" And it was on MTV hits or on Spotify and that was in 2009 or in 2019. I was born in 
August, 25, 1998 in Toledo, Ohio known as the city of glass. I was born biracial but diagnosed with 
autism and a seziure epilepsy 4 years later. It's nice to meet everyone who is are fans of U2. Here's 
hoping we get along on this blog. Sincerely, Cheynne Moye


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