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  1. I still listen to this album from beginning to end without skipping any song for me it’s right up there with JT, AB,All that you can’t leave behind,and How to dismantle a atomic bomb
  2. I’m thinking that they take most of 2020 off releases the 2 dvd’s The live Berlin, and the JT dvd and hopefully after the summer start making the new album 2021
  3. I watched the YouTube version which is the 75 minute it’s got me really excited to see the whole show on dvd, what I am wondering is what the extras will be I’m hoping something from the Apollo show
  4. Hello Hello I'm Kevin from Knoxville,Tn I have been a fan since 87 when I saw the video for I still haven't found what I'm looking for was part of the propaganda in 97 it's great to be here
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