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  1. Thank you @Madfl3a, for everything you've done these past several weeks! And thank you everybody for being here...I'll miss these streams, hoping this continues in some way or another!
  2. a bit late into the concert, but I finally got my gin out - feeling festive! this version of bullet is solid.
  3. First time I watch this one and I'm in awe so far! There's an energy to it, that I can't really explain...
  4. This segment was crazy...the Zooropa > Streets segue has to be one of their best ever, on par with Bad going into Streets on Elevation!
  5. Finished a really, really terrible assignment for my Javascript programming class....at last 😭
  6. I've been posting in the weekend stream thread for two weeks now, but never presented myself... Hello hello, i'm Cam from Montréal, Canada - i'm 24, been aware of the band since I was a child due to listening to tons of classic rock radio (and the Super Bowl, let's be real here). I liked to bump War and the singles every once in a while as a teen, and I don't know what happened last year, but I became a full-time fan! Never seen them live, certainly hoping I will one day...For now, I settle on listening to them a ton, and watching their concerts! It's nice to meet you all 😄
  7. Gotta bail out early, it's dinnertime - but thank you for the event as always, I look forward to it every week 😄
  8. In a way I kinda get it if it's out of it being overplayed (because I get sick of overplayed songs too sometimes 😂), but Elevation feels like a brand new song live so I can't complain!
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