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  1. E-le-va-tion! It's kinda of Bono's bday celebration, all of us together tonight 🙃
  2. Thank you very much (again). It's great to be here ❤️
  3. Hello! Hello! I am in the place called V... Poland I've been a fan since I heard for the first time Discotheque on the radio when I was 11. I wanted so badly to attend the PopMart gig in Warsaw but I was too young according to my mother I have seen U2 live so far twice, in Chorzów / Poland / 2009 and in Berlin in 2015. I have a deep affection for Larry, I even had a teenage crush on him when I saw him for the first time in the video for Electrical Storm I have met many wonderful people thanks to U2 music and my Latvian BFF too ❤️ My favourite album is Achtung Baby. Warm greetings from Poland! ❤️
  4. Yeah, quite an extraordinary experience... especially that I am totally new to Zootopia People here are so warm-hearted and nice. Much love from Poland ❤️
  5. I was commenting during the stream in the another thread... I missed that one. It's my favourite U2 official live record, I love its vibe. ZooTV is so vibrant, sensual, crazy and Bono never sounded better. And my teenage crush Larry looked so damn great in that uniform ❤️ And I learnt t-h-a-t dance to Mysterious Ways
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