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  1. I'm glad we're getting started. Yesterday I had a bit of an embarrassing moment where I thought it was Saturday and thus was very confused for a lot longer than I'd like to admit on why I couldn't find the stream. 不不
  2. Woooooah, free members get to join in on this streaming?? I'm jumping up and down so much I have vertigo! (okay I'll see myself out 不不)
  3. Wait so your standee had that written on it and the manager still sold it?? How does that happen???
  4. I know! I laughed a little longer than is probably normal 不 Good thing I'm listening alone or somebody would've definitely looked at me weird haha.
  5. Man, people outside the US or Canada can't get the radio station?? That sucks!
  6. I'm heeeeerrreeeee. The 11th sounds good to me. Funny story- about a week ago (or maybe 2 by now) I bought an old PopMart shirt off of Ebay. It's just one with the lemon on it. And I was wearing it and my Dad asked me "what's that on your shirt?" and at first I thought I had gotten something on the shirt and I panicked but then I realized he was talking about what was actually on the shirt and I was like "oh... uh... it's just a logo... from a concert tour..." and my mom said "I bet it's U2 isn't it?" And I said "uh... maybe...?" lol. I definitely know the feeling. 不
  7. To the garden where you're playing guitar, I mean the tart?
  8. *opens trench coat and says in a shady voice* "I got all these DVDs for you... all that you could ever want... you just gotta pay the price..."
  9. I don't see how it's not doable, we've already done it once and we all have a lot more free time on our hands right now. I for one am suuuuper bored right now so I would love something to do to get away from the boring monotony that has become my life lol.
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