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  1. Reminds me that on the "Ten Things U2 has Learned Over the Years" David Letterman skit where Larry says "even my own family asks 'are you Adam or Larry?'" 🀣
  2. And speaking of existential crises, yesterday I went to watch the Beautiful Day video and not only did I realize that the song is 20 years old now (???!) but there were tons of comments saying they were there because the song was featured in some Netflix show. Those 2 things combined just made me feel so old in the moment. I was just like "wait people are hearing about this song from a Netflix show now? Am I really that old?" 🀣🀣
  3. Well if I'm having an existential crisis then everyone has to have one as well! Enjoy! 🀣🀣
  4. That happened to me around the new year when I realized that 1990 is now 30 years ago. I was like "wait whaaaaaaat???" and had an existential crisis.
  5. Great list! Especially "Bono taught me glasses are HOT!" Definitely 🀣 And Pop Bono.
  6. I love these watch parties where we can get together and have fun while watching amazing concerts by our favorite 4 guys. It's such a fun treat, especially now with everything going on. It makes my ordinarily sort of dull days so much better!
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