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  1. This is a little off topic, but about a year or so ago (maybe more) I ordered Paul Simon's Concert in the Park 1991 on DVD. Fans had waited 30 YEARS for this show to be released in its entirety. It was a PBS exclusive release. At the time, I remember thinking this DVD will surely see a wider release. NOPE. It is still only available through PBS. (And it's not in other formats) This is the reason I went ahead and ordered the U2 Berlin DVD. This *may* be the only time it's available. BTW... If you've never seen it, the Paul Simon show is fantastic.
  2. Somewhere during my order process, I remember seeing that these orders are handled by Musictoday. If so, all of their merchandise is shipped from Virginia. I've ordered from them before without any problems, and usually items arrive on time.
  3. Thank you @mich40. I was able to place my order. Not sure why I couldn't before. I didn't see this tour, so I guess I can look at purchasing the DVD like buying a ticket. And, since people are already receiving shipping notices, hopefully I won't have to wait too long.
  4. I am trying to purchase the standard package membership so I can get the Berlin DVD, and the site is not letting me. My registration went through fine and I verified my e-mail. Now, I am trying to complete my membership (pay the 50 for the DVD), and the site keeps bringing me to the news page, and I don't see any option to complete the membership. Was there some kind of cut-off date to join and get the DVD? Initially, I was going to wait to see if this DVD was going to get a wider release later on, but then I decided to just order. Maybe this is a sign to wait.... Please
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