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  1. I picked this up sealed and it sounds terrible, quite a bit of sibilance and non fill on it with loud crackles and pops. This is a real shame because I think it's a very good album, can anyone recommend the black Vinyl edition? I've read online that the white Vinyl edition was very badly pressed and was never re-pressed so I'd like a decent Vinyl version but don't wanna buy the black Vinyl if it also has issues.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I think I'll renew in a couple of weeks time.
  3. I have just received a sealed copy of this, haven't opened it yet, just wondered what everyone's thoughts are on it before I open it, also how many copies were pressed?
  4. There definitely are CD copies out there, I know certain Australian pressings are unedited.
  5. A CD box set of all the Dublin shows from December 1989 at the Point would be nice, all were pro recorded.
  6. Does anyone know where I can pick up a copy of this CD? When I say unedited, I mean it has the bit in Electric Co. that Bono sings "la la la la la America, 2,3,4 2,3,4 I need the crowd!" It's not on any of the CD versions I own but it is on the original LP and Cassettes I have, I've asked sellers on various auction websites but the version they are all selling is the edited version.
  7. I just received a new and sealed copy of the Innocence + Experience deluxe box set but the lightbulb doesn't work, did anyone else ever receive one that didn't work or has since stopped working? I wouldn't use the lightbulb anyway but that's not the point, I'd prefer it to work for collecting purposes, maybe the piece inside the bulb was damaged in transit? I don't wanna return the box to the seller as any future copy I pick up may also have a non working lightbulb.
  8. Ok my current membership is still active until July 2021, if I renew before July, will the 2021 gift be sent as soon as available or sometime after my new subscription starts in July?
  9. I'll be all over this like a rash if it's done like the Joshua Tree set. Wish they would re-release the early LPs on double Vinyls as the sounds not great on the single LPs due to too much music on each side.
  10. I picked this box set up today which is fantastic by the way but I'm having an issue downloading the digital folders. I can log in to the website on my Android phone and although the files are there to download, my phone won't let me download them as I haven't enough space but that's not the issue. My issue is that whilst I can log in on my phone and see the items available to download, I can't log in on my laptop to download them, I click on the yellow log in to download symbol, enter my details and it just goes back to the log in screen. I have cleared all cookies etc...and tried different browsers but still can't log in, anyone got any ideas?
  11. Any rumoured updates on this? I really hope it comes out as a box set.
  12. Thanks guys for the replies! I actually paid £150 for my 2nd hand copy with shipping included. I don't know what others think but I really love disc 6, the Kindergarten version, superb stuff.
  13. Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, I've liked U2 since first hearing them in 1984 but only started collecting their stuff recently. I bought the Achtung Baby Super Deluxe Box Set 2nd hand a few days ago but unfortunately it doesn't have the sticker on the front that says it's super deluxe. As a completist I like to have the hype sticker so if anyone has one they don't want, please let me know. The main reason for this post though was to ask how much this box set cost new instore when it was released and how many copies is it limited to?
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