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  1. "taken directly from the film Rattle And Hum" yeah the VHS version 😆
  2. Well that one was disappointing! I shouldn't have got my hopes up... Shocking really, upscaling the same rough VHS source to "1080p" but I suppose it's been done just to update the thumbnail with the Rattle And Hum era U2 logo to match every other reupload. I guess this means the 35mm footage of Tempe is lost or they just decided not to have it restored?? Other Rattle And Hum footage has been restored and used on From The Sky Down, right??
  3. Streets is a night and day difference!! I was checking back for a few days to see if the video had been updated so to go from constantly seeing it in 360/480p on my phone to then finally seeing it in 4K on the TV once it went live was amazing!! I get the impression some of the videos that don't make it up to 4K are perhaps taken from a tape master and upscaled to HD rather than from the original film elements?? Which is just an observation rather than a criticism. The full 4K remastering of the film stuff is incredible, amazing work!! The thumbnail for One Tree Hill has changed!!! After thecolour Pride video which blew my mind this one is going to be the next big one for me ! What's on YouTube now is from some rough tape source so if they've had the actual film restored in 4K (along with the rest of the Tempe stuff) I will absolutely lose my mind!!
  4. Haha I'd been keeping an eye on these when I'd noticed the thumbnails for Red Hill, Still Haven't Found , and Streets changed. Red Hill Mining Town remastered in 4K without so much as a word on any of their social media?? Hopefully that'll change, but weren't they a little embarrassed to admit it even existed for 2 decades?? Streets soon I guess. Can't even find an official In God's Country, is there usually one up that's currently unavailable or just not one at all?? Ps. Did the mods manage to get an answer from the YouTube channel people to my question re:having the option to watch videos shot on tape deinterlaced 50/60fps? Definitely makes a massive difference when given the option
  5. haha ok worth a shot i've forgot my login details there but here we go! I asked this before but hopefully I can keep it more succint now I know the technical term!! I wanted to ask the U2 YouTube channel: during this current overhaul with remastered videos, would they consider uploading any remastered material that was shot on tape with the option of playing it back deinterlaced? for example, this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDY51fGYJqo (this one is not the best VHS tape source, but you can see a noticeable difference right from the start when viewing it in the full quality) I've noticed a number of youtube channels uploading material like this where it has been deinterlaced and uploaded with the option to play it back at "60fps" in order to watch it deinterlaced and avoid that smooth/blurry look that a lot of old tape things end up getting when converted. I can't speak for everyone but personally I think it would be a really good if the U2 channel were willing to go that extra mile to make the tape stuff look as best as it can if the entire video catalogue is getting an upgrade! Just wanted to ask as it would be a shame to remaster things shot in film in HD/4K and then simply upload the tape material potentially upscaled to HD but with the smoothed look to it. thanks for reading
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