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  1. It´s a little bit late for this but, Happy Birthday Bono!!! A Big Hug!! 😉
  2. Happy Happy Birthday Adam!!! A big hug!!
  3. One of my favourite U2 songs (and I love all the official live versions of it, specially ZOO TV,Mexico City Pop Mart,Joshua Tree Live from Paris,Live at Red Rocks and the last dvd Live from Berlin) ❤️
  4. Thanks a lot!! I'm from Spain,and you?
  5. I hope it'll be the complete live show. I've found a video about it that someone uploaded to Youtube and the duration is one hour and a half, 18 songs in total...It´d be great!! Any Community Moderator or anyone who knows can answer me about this, please? Thanks a lot!!!
  6. Hi Everyone!! Nice to meet you!! I've become a new subscriber to this website since a week ago and I´m very happy for being a part of this great U2 Worldwide Fan Community,and I regret not have done it before (because of the contact with another U2 Fans and the gifts they give you every year since 2005,I´ve lost a lot of them and I regret it very much). A big hug for everyone!!!
  7. Hi everyone!! I´m new here,I've been here for a week and I´ve read here that all this website subscribers can stream the dvd Live in Berlin but I don't know how to do it or where I have to go. I only ask you, if you know and can help me to do this. Thanks a lot everybody!! Big hugs!!
  8. I also think that since I became a subscriber a few days ago, chances are that the gifts from this last year (DVD Live in Berlin and Songs Of Innocence & Experience Live CD) and on the other hand, this new CD given as a gift next year 2021 will come home to me. I am very happy for this reason !!!
  9. This is so so great!! I regret not having become a subscriber to this website before, mainly because of the gifts they give here, which are very interesting as official and exclusive material of this great pop rock band. Big hugs to everyone!!
  10. I´d love they'd do both things: new album and corresponding tour and,on the other hand,ZOO TV Tour 2021 or 2022. It'd be great!!!
  11. It'd be great to give it to us as a gift with the new year 2021 subscription,wouldn´t it? we can start crossing our fingers and praying for it.
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