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    Sedona, Arizona but born and raised in NYC
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    Music, Love & Peace. I've been a musician for 40 years and a music teacher for 25 years. My original band is 2SUNS and we have been playing together since 1995, I am the lead singer and my husband is the lead guitar player. We love writing and performing socially conscious rock. Our music is dedicated to Love and Peace.
  • Favourite U2 Album
    Joshua Tree, All That You Can't Leave Behind
  • Favourite U2 Single
    Love and Peace, One Tree Hill, and of course Streets
  • First U2 Gig
    May 1997 Sun Devil Stadium, a wedding gift for me and my husband, best month ever! But I would say they won me over in the movies with Rattle and Hum...Yes I saw it in the theater in 1988 and became a fan forever. I've watched R&H over 100+ times
  • Recent U2 Gig
    May 2017 Rose Bowl, Sept 2017 Phoenix AZ
  • Best U2 Gig
    2009 360 Tour in Phoenix....Front row...best day ever!
  • Favourite U2 Person
    Couldn't pick, love them all
  • Fav. Other Bands
    Anything Robert Plant does..all his bands. Jefferson Airplane

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  1. 2009 Phoenix Arizona...front row...best day ever !!!

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