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  1. Happy for this keep them coming boys
  2. Roll on the next RSD what would people like to see ??
  3. My disc was shipped 2 days ago can't wait to add this to my collection... !!!!!
  4. Great stuff keep up the good work
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bono thanks for all the amazing shows hopefully see you on the Rd soon........!!!!!!!!
  6. (mod edit - removed link no direct links to retailers, thanks) I pre ordered Boy RSD from these last year the service was amazing had it earlier than expected highly recommended I've pre ordered again.
  7. On U2 songs says they also have other plans for RSD with other releases. https://www.u2songs.com/news/record_store_day_2021_questions_and_answers Group pic on B side of FIRE 1979 in London
  8. This will sit amazingly with my Wide awake in europe and Songs of Innocence both numbered under 400 can't wait... !!!!! Also I got my Boy 40th anniversary on white vinyl pre order from Rastilho records in Portugal the best thing it came a week earlier than general release ill be ordering this from them.
  9. https://www.u2.com/news/title/fire---on-picture-disc-for-record-store-day/ Absolutely loving the look of this for June coming 40th anniversary for FIRE being pressed on picture disc check out the group pic on the B side taken in 1979 in London. Whats everyone else think of this..?? Oh and HELLO FROM SOUTH WALES UK
  10. I agree with this I have both U22 and FTGU these sell for silly money on Ebay these days there is so much more which could be added to there online shop.
  11. Hello from South Wales UK I'm a big fan of these screen prints my Pop came yesterday anyone else got theres ?? These are NOT numbered like all the others.
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