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Found 203 results

  1. I have 2 GA for the first Paris show on Tuesday 10 November and looking to trade for 2 GA For either show 3 or 4. Alternatively if you just have 2 GA for either of those nights to sell, that would be great too. Please PM me if you can help Thanks
  2. I have two GAs for Paris 3 and would like to trade one of these for a Paris 4 GA. I can be reached via PM (email removed - mods)
  3. Hi I have 1 GA ticket for the second Antwerp show (14/10). I'd like to trade it for 1 GA ticket for the first Antwerp show (13/10). Anyone interested? I'll be at the show both nights. Thanks!
  4. Need 1 GA for London 6 (03.11.)
  5. Hi :-) I have 2 extra GA Ståplats tickets for Stockholm#4 on Monday 21st September. Tickets are hard copies and in my hand (I have personally bought from AXS) and tickets have Entre/entrance 4. Price is face value 680SEK each, payment breakdown for 680SEK is 615SEK ticket + 55SEK AXS service fee + 10SEK AXS post fee. Face value price is now ~72,50€ per ticket with current exchange rate (1€=9,3709SEK). Face to face delivery is possible and in case of posting to anywhere Europe 3-4 days delivery time must be taken account as well posting cost. Location of tickets is now in Finland and 20th+21st at venue. ;-) Thank you! :-)
  6. Hello, I have 2 GA for Amsterdam night 4 (Sunday) and Im looking to trade for 2 GA Amsterdam night 3 (Saturday). Thank you
  7. Hi I I'm looking for 2 GAs for either/both the 3rd and 4th Stockholm shows (Sep 20 & 21) Please let me know if you can help Thanks
  8. Hello, I have 2 GA for Amsterdam night (Sunday) and Im looking to trade for 2 GA Cologne/Koln 1 or 2 (Saturday/Sunday). Thank you
  9. I'm looking for 1 spare GA for Amsterdam 12th September. You will get my money, undying gratitude and open bar (within reason ) for the night. Please, if you know anyone with a spare, this Welshman would be eternally grateful.
  10. I have 1 standing ticket for Wednesday 9th September I need 1 standing ticket for Saturday 12th September Would anyone like to trade with me? Alternatively if you have a floor ticket for sale for Saturday please get in touch. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of trading my 2 london tickets 25 oct. for 2 tickets in cologne. Or maybe even sell them. They will be hard copy tickets, but not sure when they will be send out to me. These are 2 seats section BK 403 row Q. Face value is 100,- pounds ex. fee. Would like to trade +- equally valluable tickets for any cologne shows. Let me know if you know or have anything to offer. Thanks in advance! G.B.
  12. 2 X GA tickets needed to any night ,, please contact me
  13. Hi everyone! I've got 2 GA tickets for Sunday, Sept 20th concert but I probably wont be able to make it, so I decided to sell the tickets. I sell them at face value = 670 SEK or equivaalent in EUR each of them. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Jaco
  14. Hey, I have 1 GA for Stockholm 3 (20th) and I would like to trade it for one GA for Amsterdam 3 (hard ticket if possible). Pls contact me if you can trade. No sale - sorry. Best regards Anne
  15. Hi people, have one GA for Berlin 1 (24.09.) and need 1 GA for London 6 (03.11) Trade only ! thx
  16. Hi people, have one GA for Berlin 1 (24.09.) and need 1 GA for London 6 (03.11) Trade only ! thx
  17. Hey guys, I have 4 GA tickets for Stockholm (both 20th & 21st Sept). Looking to exchange for a London show (any night). Relocated to London for work and hoping to still catch the tour! Cheers, Diarmuid
  18. Hola amigos, I have 4 GA tickets for both Stockholm shows (Sept 20th & 21st). Looking to exchange for 4 GA tickets to any Barcelona show. Cheers, Diarmuid
  19. Hey guys, I have 4 GA tickets for Stockholm (both 20th & 21st Sept). Looking to exchange for a London show (any night). Relocated to London for work and hoping to still catch the tour! Cheers, Diarmuid
  20. Hey, I am looking for 1 GA for Amsterdam 3 and/or 4. I have 1 GA Stockholm 3 (hard ticket) for trade. Anne
  21. I have 2 GA (hard tickets) for tonight. Would like to go RZ. If anyone wants to trade at face I will pay the difference.
  22. Need a GA for Friday night 7/31 at MSG. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks, Jon
  23. I'm in need of 1 ticket for both nights. I will buy GA tickets or RED Zone tickets if anyone has one available. Thank you!
  24. Hi there!! I know everyone is looking, but if someone has one ticket... literally any seat for 7/30 that would be amazing!! I would love love love to get 2 GAs for 7/31 so my sister and I can sneak out there for one last show! We are both younger fans and have a lot of catching up to do with the longtime fans Thank you so much in advance!! You all are the best! xx Katelyn no emails or phone numbers please use PM feature - mods
  25. Heard about the success some have had with box office drops, so a group of us showed up at MSG yesterday around 330pm. There were already ~30 people in line, and as we approached show time, it grew to perhaps 200+ (apparently the word is out about this method). $280 seats were available to anyone who was interested, but it seems the vast majority of people were not interested in those. Finally, at nearly 8pm, maybe 4 people got GAs. I waited until I saw on twitter that the band had already gone thru Miracle, GLoria, Vertigo, and I will follow (one of the best chunks of the show IMO). I wasn't interested in paying for 2/3 of a show, so my wife and I left empty-handed. Not sure if more GAs were released, not that it would have mattered. Another interesting thing was that the TM app stopped selling tickets at 6pm - a full 2 hours before showtime. My assumption is there were many resale tix (including GA) that went unclaimed. My advice to folks looking for last min GA... if you arent in the very front of the cancellation line... don't waste your time. You'll only get verbally abused by the MSG staff for no reason. Having said that - if anyone has 1-2 GAs for tonight (7/27) - we would GREATLY appreciate it!!
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