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  1. Hello everyone, we're looking for 2 tickets, possibly GA, for the 29/07 Amsterdam venue. Only hard tickets please. Can u help us? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I sell 4 GA tickets for sunday 30 July for face value + subscription costs... I'm in Luxembourg, some our friends won't be able to attend the concert.. We will be in Ams from saturday on and could so hand out the tickets to you directly. Danielle
  3. Hi I have one GA going spare for Twickenham on Saturday July 8 if anyone's interested. Cost £78 (£70 face + £8 service charge) PM me if interested.
  4. I have two GA standing tickets for sale for Sunday 9th July. They are paper tickets and not print offs. I am going to the gig on Sunday but have two extra tickets so meeting at the gig or before in London can be easily arranged. £70 each Thanks
  5. Selling 1 GA ticket for the 12/7 show. Paper ticket, can be delivered tuesday 11/7 or wednesday 12/7 before the show.
  6. There are GA tickets available right now, I checked thru Live Nation iPhone app and then at ticketmaster.com
  7. I still have one GA available for Cleveland.
  8. Hi, I have two seats in section 225a row 6, we are looking to trade them for 2 GA on 6/29. Thanks, Mark
  9. Hi everyone! Excitement mounting!!! I have x2 extra tickets for GA on 9th July for London Twickenham. Wife and sis can't go early cos we can't find childcare. Looking to trade those in for 2 seated tickets (good seats please!) if anyone would like? Please PM me or post in this forum if interested- of course tickets are for face value so I would pay difference. Also am assuming we can pass tickets on as they are printed tickets? Advice appreciated. Thanks!!!
  10. Ticketmaster just released GA's for both nights.. Sadly not sure I can make Thursday so I can't buy but y'all can if you need them
  11. Hoping someone can come to my rescue and have an extra ticket. Will meet at anytime you prefer at the stadium.
  12. I've got an extra pair of GA tickets for Cleveland. I'm planning on lining up early Saturday morning and they're credit card entry tickets so you'd have to line up and enter with me. If you're willing to camp out with us Saturday you can have them for face value.
  13. Hi, I need to sell 1 ticket for GA standing on Saturday 8th July as a friend has cancelled on me - selling at face value of £78.25. Thanks, Rich
  14. Ok, folks! Here’s the deal with GA at FedEx Field! Night Before the Show (6/19): There is no camping or assembling allowed at the stadium the night before the show and street access to the stadium will be shut down. Fans will be dismissed from the premises and considered trespassers until 8:00am on the day of the show. There will be no numbering or lining up until the following morning, when stadium security will issue wrist bands and number GA ticket holders. Day of the Show (6/20): 6:00 - 7:30am: Ticket exchanges/sales @ Morgan Boulevard Metro Station
  15. I have an extra GA for Cleveland if someone wants to meet me so I can swipe them in. Face value.
  16. Looking for 1 and coming from LA, thanks all!
  17. Hey Now - Looking for a single GA for Sunday's show. Just got a single on another board, but looking for one more. Wife and I were just able to get a babysitter, so those of you with little ones know how much of a big deal that is, so just need to get one more! Thanks! Doug
  18. Hi all, Been to MANY U2 concerts all the way back to 1987 but this will be my first GA experience. Any suggestions on how this will work, will they let us line up early, how to get a good spot, and lastly, WHY are they not running the train from Boston? I appreciate any information! So excited for this concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Does anyone know how the GA will be handled this Sunday at Gillette? No info on their website. Thanks!
  20. So, my awesome kids (13 & 15) heard that we were going to U2 and now desperately want to join us.....I was in 8th grade when I saw the Joshua Tree Tour on Oct. 3 in Toronto. I'd love to relive the experience with them. I'll do anything to get good music into their heads! Can meet at venue or have you UPS them with PayPal, etc. Thanks! Ryan
  21. Family needs require that I sell my 2 GA tickets for Sunday 6/25 show at Gillette Stadium. I am in NY's Saratoga/Lake George area and can meet locally, ship them to you, or possibly meet Friday as I travel downstate to family. My total Ticketmaster cost with fees was $190. I am asking for that cost plus shipping via USPS in any fashion that you prefer (overnight, priority etc). Payment requested up front via Paypal. We can talk and discuss how you can feel comfortable with the arrangement if you have concerns. We can talk on the phone and I have a public online presence t
  22. GA (1 ticket) needed for each MetLife night, thanks gang! John
  23. Tuesday, June 20th, 6:00 - 7:30am: Ticket exchanges/sales @ Morgan Boulevard Metro Station If you still have extra GA tickets to sell or still need to buy GA tickets, fans will be meeting at Morgan Boulevard Metro Station's “Kiss and Ride” drop-off curb area for exchanges/sales. (There will be no numbering or lining up at this point. FedEx Field stadium security will be issuing wrist bands and numbers to fans who have verifiable GA tickets beginning at 8:00am, so it is imperative that you have a ticket if you wish to secure a spot in the Pre-Screen Queue.) Tickets can of course be sold/pu
  24. I have one GA for Cleveland for sale for face value $90. We are planning to go into the stadium around 7pm. I would trade phone info and arrange by text to meet by the gate or convenient location. We would need to go in together because of the credit card entry.
  25. Face value $90. We're leaving now so you will need to text me. [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE]
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