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  1. Hello! I've got my plane ticket and my place to stay... now I just need one GA ticket! I'm happy to line up early. Anyone have an extra? Thanks so much! Please PM me if you have one.
  2. I had a friend cancel on me for Tampa. I have one extra GA floor ticket. I would love to be able to trade my TWO GA tix for ONE RED ZONE if anyone was interested. I could throw in some cash as well to make up the difference. If that doesn't work out, I'll sell my extra GA ticket for face value (about $95 after TM fees). PM if you're interested.
  3. Hello! I'm hoping to buy one face-value GA or Red Zone ticket for Tampa. Or a GOOD seat. Anyone? Thank you!!
  4. I have 1 extra GA ticket for the Toronto show. Asking face value. Must meet before doors open.
  5. Hi All-- I'm looking to swap (2) GA Metlife 1 tickets for (2) GA Metlife 2. Wednesday for Thursday. Thanks!
  6. Looking for one ga ticket for Tampa. May have friends interested also if need to sell multiples. Thanks.
  7. Hi! My husband and I have GA tickets and now the kids want to join us. Please send me a message and I'm happy to pay immediately via PayPal if you have 1-2 you're willing to sell. Thank you ??
  8. Anyone have any information on this? Thank you.
  9. Does anyone know where the GA line for Hard Rock Stadium will form? Ticketmaster email that went out today said that you could line up at the northwest gate but not before 3 p.m. I imagine there will be an unofficial line someplace but have not seen where.
  10. as the title... looking for one/two GA for London 8th i can change (only CHANGE, NOT SELL) Dublin GA or Rome 15 GA PM please dreamoutloud!!! fabio
  11. Hoping against any hope here but does anyone have a GA ticket for sale for the Miami show?
  12. Hey all! Looking to buy 1 - flying from CA so if you know of anyone selling, I'm in! Thanks so much.
  13. I sell my extra 2GA tickets. I paid 112,55€/ticket for Ticketmaster Germany. I ask 105€/ticket + delivery (inside Europe 12€) PM to show interest.
  14. Have a group of 9 people going to the show on 6/28 and we are short 1 GA tix. If anyone has an extra ticket, please let me know....
  15. I have One GA Pittsburgh available credit card entry with me. I checked in this evening and have to recheck in at 7.am on June 7. If you can be here early morning, I am willing to get back on the list but I won't wait all day for someone to get to the stadium to lose my place in line. I paid 99.00 each including TM fees. You can Facebook message me Bethyjane I am or look for my post on Facebook in the u2 Pittsburgh. I won't be on U2.com but you can try to send me a message at mod edit - no emails pls. just put in caption Pitts tix.
  16. Coming from LA on Friday and looking for 1. Thanks gang!
  17. Hi, I'm looking to buy 2 Tix for the Philly show. Prefer GA, but will consider seats based on location/cost. Meeting early to enter together is no problem for us! Can't swing VIP level prices but will consider all other offers (at face, please). PM me here. Thanks!
  18. I have 2 GAs available for Pittsburgh. 2 friends can't go. I had no idea about this credit card entry thing! Let me know if you're interested. I guess you can PM here? We can also maybe work a deal, if you can get in line before me.
  19. Hi everyone. A friend can't make the Pittsburgh show now, so I have one GA available. Whoever gets it would have to enter with me, but I'm hoping to round the group up to arrive fairly early. As long as you meet me by the time we go in you should be fine. PM me if interested. Looking forward to an excellent show! Julie
  20. I have one GA ticket available for sale for tonight's show. Credit card entry so we will have to go in together. Let me know if interested.
  21. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, so I had to ask! Apologies if it's in some thread buried somewhere on here haha! We're going to the Pittsburgh show btw.
  22. Need 1 GA for my buddy Sunday 6/4. be in town for both shows. Randy [MOD EDIT: NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE]
  23. Out of towner here. What will be the GA process at Soldier Field? How early can folks line up? I recall in being fairly easy and ZERO chaos for the 360 tour when I visited.
  24. OK this really needs to be answered, I seem to remember this from the last tour. I didn't have to worry about it last time, went to MSG. Thank you for any help out there!
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